Sci-fi Terrain Table Ideas

Inspire your next tabletop wargaming terrain project with these themed Sci-fi terrain ideas! As you can see below, many of the terrain pieces can be used in multiple settings, from Horus Heresy to Infinity, Necromunda, 40k, Cyberpunk games and even Modern Wargaming such as Spectre Operations!
  • Giant 6mm skyscraper tower terrain in a legions imperialis table. Titans and space marines are in the shot.

    Epic Scale City Terrain

    The scale of Titans and mechs is really evident when you have them next to massive skyscrapers! You can read more about our Epic Scale Terrain here

  • Fight on different planets!

    Not every city needs to be a ruin and not every building needs to be Gothic ruins - It would be mathematically and practically impossible to have the same architecture style and materials for diverse planets and cultures!

  • 15mm team yankee soviet tanks and infantry parade down a street surrounded by large brutalist terrain buildings.

    Team Yankee Terrain - Cold War City

    Brutalism was an architectural style which started in England and France. It gained popularity worldwide including in the Warsaw Pact countries during the cold war - But it suits Sci-fi tables too - just look at any sci-fi movie from the 70's onwards. A recent example is the Martian embassy from the expanse.

  • Cyberpunk Terrain

    Okay, you're probably not going to play like this, as you need to see your dice rolls. But it's a fun picture!

  • Infinity Terrain

    The Trapper Biotech kits allow you to stack the modules in different ways to keep your games and table fresh!

  • Gunpla City Terrain

    The 6-15mm range suits Gunpla dioramas and other mech games!

  • Desert outpost terrain

    The flexibility of the terrain kits like The Institute make them suitable for off-world sci-fi tables.

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  • cyberpunk city terrain with large office tower

    Sci-fi Terrain

    The Bruteopolis Plaza Tower stands above the surrounding terrain. These kits suit Sci-fi settings and could be used for all manner of purposes.

  • Zona alfa ruined buildings terrain for the zone - Stalker themed atmosphere

    Zona Alfa Terrain

    Two large ruined buildings and trees with a bunker entrance in the foreground make the perfect Zona Alfa table city area.

  • Post apocalyptic terrain badlands with alrge rock spires and rusty metal

    Post Apocalyptic Terrain

    A more empty table with dead grass and trees, rocks and rock spires made from XPS foam, with rusty abandoned structures. I made a blog post about this terrain with video.

    Watch the Post Apocalyptic Terrain Youtube Video 
  • Ruined city with grave trigger miniatures and eerie misty lighting

    Grave Trigger Terrain

    A ruined city is the setting for a monster fight! Multi-levelled tall buildings afford many places to hide and ambush from.

  • adamant complex wall fortification terrain

    Fortified Outpost Terrain

    With a few Adamant walls you can cordon off your table or create fortified complexes to defend!

  • floating research station terrain with platforms and connecting bridges

    Trapper Biotech Research Station

    The Trapper Biotech buildings and Hex Platforms paired with a water mat lets you create a floating research station.

  • lord of the rings fortified wall terrain with buttresses and walking platforms

    Medieval/Fantasy Terrain

    The Adamant Masonry Walls with Walkways and Battlements let you create modular terrain designs and ruined sections - perfect for medieval or fantasy games.

  • 15mm sci-fi office buildings and public buildings with infantry and tanks fighting in the streets and forest below

    15mm City Terrain

    The tall office buildings and public spaces mixed with natural elements lets the 15mm terrain shine. Ruins in the background show this is a heavily contested city.

  • infinity tournament terrain

    Tournament Terrain

    The tournament-friendly Eternity Labs table has a consistent paint scheme that ties the terrain together and leads to a cohesive wargaming experience. If you play infinity, there is a more in-depth article about the table design from the table owner

    Read Blog Post About this Terrain Layout 
  • undead miniatures fighting amongst ruined wall terrain and a swamp

    Fantasy Skirmish Terrain

    Some natural elements like tree armatures and walled sections makes this board ideal for skirmish or roleplaying fantasy games.

  • grimdark warhammer 40k terrain with roadblocks

    Modular Hab Terrain

    Menacing kits close together with plenty of ladder access gives you plenty of options to use the verticality of the board to your advantage.

  • 6mm battletech terrain with walkers and tanks below

    BattleTech Terrain

    A large public building serves as a terrain centrepiece and compliments the 6mm scale. A mix of foliage and trees gives these walkers a stage to shine on during your battles.

  • chaos space marines and astra militarum fighting in ruined fortress terrain

    City Ruin Terrain

    Using a mix of intact and ruined buildings makes the table great for campaigns and interior play in a futuristic warzone.

  • astra militarum and chaos space marines warhammer city terrain

    High Rise City Terrain

    By combining high-rise kits, walled terrain and an urban themed mat, you can create avenues for tanks while the infantry flank and use height to their advantage.

  • warhammer 40k ruins

    City Ruins Terrain

    A few ruined apartments and office buildings instantly turns what would be a residential area into a great stage for multi-level firefights.

  • cyberpunk urban terrain with gangs fighting in the streets and neon lights

    Cyberpunk Terrain

    Playing around with acrylic signage and simple LED lights makes this table a cinematic and realistic cyberpunk city. The different heights opens up different tactical possibilites.

  • cyberpunk alleyway gang terrain and graffiti

    Gang Warfare Terrain

    Urban apartments and underground clubs with plenty of graffiti transforms these buildings into gang territory. Step back narcs.

  • 15mm sci-fi MaK terrain

    6-15mm Maschinen Krieger Terrain

    The subway/bunker exit on the outskirts of a city allowed this force to quickly relocate and take the high ground in the coming conflict.

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