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chaos space marines and astra militarum fighting in ruined fortress terrain

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The varied levels of the kits allows you to give cover to your troops and block line of sight, from infantry to monstrous creatures.

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Dark and hazy warhamer 40k tabletop battle with imperial guard and chaos space marines fighting. Large brutalist tower terrain top right.

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Stop playing with boring L-shaped terrain. The modular kits let you customise your table for more variety and setups while looking great!

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Great Investment

The customisation of the modular terrain mixed with the high quality MDF offers excellent value for your investment. The terrain will last years of vigorous gameplay and suits multiple settings and game systems.

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adamant complex wall fortification terrain

Create Fortified Positions

Cordon off large parts of the table and create bunkers and walled areas with fortifications.

Build Your Fortress

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Tired of fighting in the same gothic ruins or generic boxes? Check out our brutalist inspired MDF terrain models designed by an architecture graduate!

warhammer 40k ruins

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Check out Brutal Cities terrain in real world customer builds as well as my fun atmospheric photoshoots!

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Horus Heresy Terrain Collection: Unleash the Power of 30K

Embark on a journey back to the tumultuous times of the Horus Heresy with Brutal Cities, your source for immaculately crafted Warhammer 30k terrain. Our expertly crafted terrains and sceneries are designed to immerse you in the lore and epic battles of Warhammer 30k, providing the perfect backdrop for the legendary confrontations between the legions of the Imperium.

Our Warhammer 30k terrain and Horus Heresy terrain are your gateway to reliving the glorious battles of this pivotal moment in Imperial history. Forge your legacy, command your legions, and let the ancient wars rage again. Brutal Cities is not just about terrain; it's about bringing history to life.

Why Brutal Cities is Your Ally in the 30k Era:

  • Authentic Designs: Inspired by the rich lore of the Horus Heresy, our terrain pieces are crafted to reflect the architectural and environmental aspects of the 30k universe, giving you an immersive battlefield experience.
  • Versatile Battlefield Scenery: Whether you're staging a skirmish in the dense jungles of Murder or laying siege to a Mechanicum forge world, our Warhammer 30k terrain offers the versatility needed to bring any scenario to life.
  • Durability and Quality: Constructed with premium materials, our terrains are built to withstand the rigours of battle, ensuring that your war zones stand the test of time.
  • Australian Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, Brutal Cities supports local artisans while delivering world-class terrain to the global Warhammer 30k community.
40k City Terrain

Elevate Your Warhammer 30k Experience with Brutal Cities

Transform your tabletop into a battleground worthy of the Horus Heresy epics. With Brutal Cities, every piece of 30k terrain adds depth to your narrative, challenging strategies, and visual appeal to your battles. Our commitment to quality and detail ensures that your engagements are visually stunning and historically resonant.

Join the Ranks of Brutal Cities Commanders

Step into the ancient past of the Warhammer universe with Brutal Cities. Our Horus Heresy terrain and Warhammer 30k scenery are more than just game pieces; they are artefacts of a bygone era, ready to serve as the foundation for your battles. Browse our collection today and discover how our terrains can transform your Warhammer 30k tales into legendary experiences.

40k Ruins Terrain

Explore Our Terrain Collections

Discover more of what Brutal Cities has to offer:

  • Wargaming Terrain: Explore our wide range of wargaming terrain options, which are suitable for various gaming systems and scales.
  • 28mm MDF Terrain: Dive into the world of 28mm modern sci-fi terrain, perfect for creating dynamic battlefields.
  • 6mm Terrain: For those who prefer smaller scales, (Such as Legions Imperialis or Epic 40k) our 6-8mm terrain collection offers great value and imposing, epic architecture.
  • 15mm MDF Terrain: Dig through our 15mm terrain options for an immersive gaming experience.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What scale are your Horus Heresy Terrain pieces available in?

Our Horus Heresy Terrain is available in various scales, including 28mm/32mm - and if you prefer the epic scale of Legions Imperialis our 6mm, and 15mm now gives you truly imposing terrain for your specific Warhammer 30K terrain needs.

Are the terrain pieces pre-painted?

Our Horus Heresy Terrain pieces come unpainted, But are easy to make and paint - Check out our painting guides over on our Terrain Tips Blog

Do you offer customisable terrain options?

While our terrain pieces come pre-designed, I’m glad to hear about your ideas - If you want some Warhammer 30K scenery that we don’t offer, get in touch.

What sets Brutal Cities apart from other terrain suppliers?

Brutal Cities stands out for its commitment to playability, realism, and clever design. Our Horus Heresy Terrain collection reflects these values, ensuring an immersive 30K Warhammer experience.