Collection: Bruteopolis 28-32mm Modern & Sci-Fi Terrain

Bruteopolis - One terrain range for many games!  I designed these MDF terrain kits for you to use them in multiple game settings to give you great value. Use these kits for Infinity terrain, cyberpunk games, 40k tables or even modern wargaming! Typically taller than most terrain on the market, build your suburban table into real city!

Scaled for 35 / 32 / 28mm MDF sci-fi wargaming terrain

28mm MDF Sci-Fi Terrain

Bruteopolis is the terrain range designed to give you incredible versatility. These MDF terrain 28mm kits are designed to let you explore multiple game settings and get the most value out of your investment. Take these kits and dive into the worlds of Infinity terrain, cyberpunk games, 40k tables, or even modern wargaming – the choice is yours!

The Potential of 28mm MDF Terrain in Australia

If you are an avid tabletop gaming enthusiast, check out our28 mm MDF terrain in Australia. These terrain kits are personally designed by us to cater specifically to the Australian gaming community. Our commitment to delivering top-quality 28mm MDF terrain ensures you have access to the best in the market for your wargaming adventures.

Wargaming Terrain Sci-Fi

Why Choose Brutal Cities for Your 28mm MDF Terrain?

  • Multi-Game Compatibility: Our 28mm MDF terrain is crafted to enhance a variety of game settings, providing you with extensive versatility and use across multiple tabletop systems.
  • Australian Craftsmanship: Proudly designed and manufactured in Australia, our terrain kits boast superior quality and detail, ensuring your gaming experiences are not only immersive but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • Elevated Design: Stand out with taller and more imposing terrain, offering a realistic cityscape feel that adds depth and dimension to your games.
  • Sci-Fi to Modern Warfare: Whether commanding futuristic armies or deploying modern troops, our 28mm MDF sci-fi terrain and modern designs cater to every scenario, making every battle more engaging.

Scaling Up for a Realistic Wargaming Experience

Brutal Cities’ 35/32/28mm MDF sci-fi wargaming terrain stands taller and prouder than much of the competition. We understand the importance of realism and immersion in tabletop gaming. That's why we have meticulously scaled our terrain to match the proportions of your 28mm miniatures, adding depth and dimension to your tabletop battles.

28mm Terrain Sci-Fi

Your Epic Battles Await

With Brutal Cities, the future of tabletop gaming is in your hands. Our 28mm MDF terrain is the cornerstone of dynamic, visually stunning, and tactically challenging gaming sessions.

Step into a realm where every tabletop battle is transformed into an epic saga with Brutal Cities' 28mm MDF terrain. From the sprawling cityscapes of Bruteopolis to the futuristic frontiers of sci-fi warfare, our terrain kits are designed to unlock the full potential of your gaming universe. 

Elevate your game, expand your worlds, and embark on epic adventures with Brutal Cities. The city of Bruteopolis awaits your command.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Brutal Cities" MDF terrain stand out?

Our MDF terrain sets the benchmark for quality and versatility. Crafted with precision and designed to excel in various game settings, these terrains enhance your gaming experience.

Is the 28mm MDF terrain suitable for Infinity games?

Absolutely. Our 28mm MDF terrain is perfect for creating captivating Infinity terrain, adding depth and detail to your sci-fi battles.

Can I use Bruteopolis terrain for Warhammer 40k?

Yes, you can! Many Warhammer 40k enthusiasts love our terrain kits for creating immersive 40k tabletops. The versatility of Bruteopolis knows no bounds.

Do you ship 28mm MDF terrain to Australia?

Certainly! We proudly serve the Australian gaming community. You can order the 28mm MDF terrain and have it delivered to your doorstep.

What are the dimensions of your 35 / 32 / 28mm MDF sci-fi wargaming terrain?

Our terrains are meticulously scaled to match the proportions of 35mm, 32mm, and 28mm miniatures, ensuring a realistic and engaging wargaming experience.

Sci-fi wargaming terrain featured by:

Geek Gaming Scenics

  • Warhammer 40k Apartment City Terrain with space marines. The tower is abandoned and delapidated.

    One Terrain for All Games

    Save money & time with fewer overall terrain purchases - Versatile design suits Infinity, 30K & more!

  • cyberpunk office building with three floors and interior access

    Easy to make, Easy to Paint

    Simple designs help you get your terrain built and painted quickly!

  • shipping boxes in front of red brick

    Flat rate & Free Shipping Available

    Shipped from our Sydney workshop. Free shipping for AU orders over $180
    and low flat rate shipping available worldwide. We use Auspost for
    reliable carbon neutral shipping.

  • MDF terrain laser cut

    Quality Guarantee

    I'm confident you'll love your new terrain, made by me (Ryan) from Australian MDF and cut with a Trotec - the leader in Laser technology. If you aren't happy with the quality get in touch to start a return.

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