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Brutal Cities

Modular Scaffolding

Modular Scaffolding

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terrain scale/s: 28mm / 32mm

This modular scaffolding terrain kit is designed to work with the Modular Capsule Housing kit, giving the residents slightly safer access to their capsules. We opted out of designing stairs for access as we wanted the kits to be as simple and quick to make as possible.

You can also use the scaffolding kits to provide more vertical access and cover around your tabletop. The walls are high enough to give S2 silhouettes in Infinity cover.

The modular scaffolding kit contains:

  • 3 slabs
  • 4 columns
  • 4 columns with walls
  • 2 bracing frames
  • 2 bracing frames with walls
  • 2 ladders
  • 3 top wall sections
  • 3 pegs for the Modular Capsule Housing kit - These are used to raise the Capsule housing so that it slides snugly between the slabs of the scaffolding.


Product Specificiations

weight: 135 g

scale/s: 28mm / 32mm

dimensions: W 112 mm x L 47 mm x H 62 mm

View 3D AR model on your tabletop

Click the second image (with the cube symbol) with a smartphone to view the terrain on your tabletop.

Iphone AR model Instructions

Please use Safari to view these 3d models to enable AR mode - Click view in space.

Android AR model Instructions

Clicking the 3d models will open the google app to view these 3d models and give you the view in space AR option.

These models were generated with Photogrammetry - they look bumpy but the real products are actually very clean and detailed!

Accuracy is within 1cm. Prioritize written dimensions over AR.

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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