About us


My name is Ryan and I've been playing miniature wargames since I was 12. I made a detailed post apocalyptic model for high school ‘art’ (a good excuse to make Warhammer 40,000 terrain) and enjoyed it so much I started a career in architecture.

Ryan of brutal cities taking photos of wargaming terrain

Photoshoots are always a highlight of the job!

I graduated from uni and worked for 5 years in architecture in Sydney and Newcastle, Australia. But I got too excited about new terrain ideas I wanted to share with miniature wargamers, so went all in and left that job to start Brutal Cities.

With that architectural experience behind me I want to create stunning MDF laser cut model kits to give gamers the best gameplay experience within a memorable world.

Part of my year 12 'Art' work

Games wise I've been playing Infinity for a few years now. The fantastic Infinity terrain inspired me to start Brutal Cities actually! I play Yu Jing primarily, and a bit of Aleph and Haqqislam. The terrain you can find here is optimised for Infinity the Game tested by Australia's competitive meta and we've taken on feedback from some of our most competitive players.

Other games I enjoy (And will probably end up making terrain for) are Warhammer 40k, WWIII/Team Yankee and Bolt Action. I'd also love to try out cyberpunk skirmish game Reality's Edge and the upcoming Aussie skirmish game Delta One Zero.

I hope you enjoy the designs, and that they bring some diversity to your table top and give you a great immersive experience. The models are inspired by cyberpunk and sci-fi cinema, modern architecture (especially Brutalism, go figure), and real world cities.

Acknowledgment of Country

Brutal Cities recognises that we live and work on First Nations Gadigal Land and pay respects to elders past, present and emerging. 


All the terrain pieces are designed and made in Sydney, Australia. We are trying to minimise material waste and practice sustainability. MDF itself recycles sawdust, and is a carbon sink. That means it is storing carbon that may otherwise be in the atmosphere. Although unfortunately it cannot be recycled in most countries. You can learn more about it here

Our plastic use in packaging is kept to a minimum. We don't use bubble wrap, unless we are recycling it. We do use shrink wrap, which I haven't found a better alternative for yet to protect the kits from moisture. Australia post, our main shipping service operates ships carbon neutral.

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Tournament Sponsorship

Please send an email if you are running a miniature wargaming tournament with 20 players or more and would like some prize support!