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Painting MDF Terrain - The tabletop wargaming weathering guide

Life is short and you want to get through all your miniatures AND terrain. Good looking terrain absolutely adds to both your immersion of your tabletop wargame and your dear opponents as well! Give them a moment of bliss before you take back the city from their pathetic minions.

Because I run Brutal Cities primarily by myself, I'm pretty time poor - and you might be too! After years of practice and experimenting I've settled on a painting method that does it all. The effort to result ratio is 1:10 I think. If you want to paint concrete terrain, or even weather other types of materials for scale model and tabletop  terrain give it a try - It works for me and it will work for you too!

The method in this one page PDF (so you can easily print or save on your phone) will:

  1. Protect your wargaming terrain for years and years
  2. Save you $$ on expensive hobby paint products*
  3. Look a sh*t-tonne more realistic than pre-painted terrain
  4. Be incredibly easy and fun to paint
  5. Be so easy that you can even fix terrible mistakes like I did with the recent Vantann Office Building - Ruined version.

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Any feedback is welcome - if you prefer a video format, watch this instagram reel below!

Painting MDF Terrain - How to Weather terrain video



This video above shows you some of the methods I use in the Painting MDF Terrain guide - I will also be making a longer youtube video tutorial at some point, as well as a longer format blog post in the future.


* Of course, It's always a matter of convenience - more expensive products can save you time. I have started using AMMO Oilbrushers for streaking, because it's convenient and easy and saves you time compared to just using artists oil paints. And in fact, it's probably comparable because you don't waste any paint using them compared to tube oils. We sell them if you want to try!

But I wouldn't use hobby washes for terrain, as it would definitely be more expensive than making your own - which the PDF guide will cover! We also have a video and blog post about washes 

If you haven't seen it, we also have another great tutorial for painting concrete wargaming terrain - this method works well if you don't have access to an airbrush, or prefer just using brushes.

Happy Hobbying!

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