Instructions for Brutal Cities laser cut MDF terrain kits.


WAVE 4 INSTRUCTIONS - Please click Instructions
for a google drive link to the preliminary instructions for the new kits. We haven't had a chance to complete them yet, however it is important to assemble the Adamant wall kits as detailed in the PDF

The link contains preliminary instructions (without voiceovers) for:

  • Adamant walls
  • Adamant L fortification
  • 305 Sunshine Alley
  • Bus Shelter
  • DT-F13

The Bruteopolis Plaza Tower kit is effectively the same as the Bruteopolis Plaza Tower except cut in half, and with sliding doors. You can, if you wish glue the tower parts in place, and 3x mitred plate/beams should be glued on to the top of the ground floor columns.

Please don't hesitate to email us or message on social media if you have any questions about assembly.

Bruteopolis Plaza Tower

Eternity Labs Module A

Eternity Labs Module B

Eternity Labs Module C

Vantann Office Building