MDF Terrain Instructions

Instructions for Brutal Cities laser cut MDF terrain kits. It's best to dry fit your terrain before gluing so you know you have it assembled correctly.

MDF Terrain Assembly Tips

  • A benefit of MDF terrain is that you can sand it and easily modify/convert it with appropriate hobby tools. (Just use a P2 mask for dust!)
  • You can use PVA glue, or superglue which is much quicker to dry - but PVA is best as you have time to fix mistakes and the bond is stronger.
  • Depending on terrain kit, you may want to paint before assembly to make it easier and quick.
  • I have designed the terrain to be very easy and quick to assemble and paint. But you can message the store on the customer support page if you are having issues and I'll do my best to help you!

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6-15mm Scale Terrain:

BT77 - Brutalist Civic Centre

BT78: Transformer Tower

you'll need instructions for this, it's a bit tricky - but you will need too paint it before assembly, so feel free to get that ready.



Trapper biotech instructions are in this video from 3:12


Modern Ruins


WAVE 4 INSTRUCTIONS - Please click Instructions
for a google drive link to the preliminary instructions for the new kits. It is important to assemble the Adamant wall kits as detailed in the PDF

The link contains preliminary instructions (without voiceovers) for:

  • Adamant walls
  • Adamant L fortification
  • 305 Sunshine Alley
  • Bus Shelter
  • DT-F13

The Bruteopolis Plaza Tower kit is effectively the same as the Bruteopolis Plaza Tower except cut in half, and with sliding doors. You can, if you wish glue the tower parts in place, and 3x mitred plate/beams should be glued on to the top of the ground floor columns.

Please don't hesitate to email us or message on social media if you have any questions about assembly.

Bruteopolis Plaza Tower

Eternity Labs Module A

Eternity Labs Module B

Eternity Labs Module C

Vantann Office Building

Cabbage Palms has no Instructions - however, it is a very simple design, and the packaging shows each separate level. As with all MDF terrain, it's a good idea to dry fit before gluing.



Work in progress .stl terrain design

I've been wanting to design 3d printable terrain for you guys for a while.
But as I was also making and fulfilling MDF orders, I didn't have much time.

Pictured here is a brutalist inspired terrain concept I whipped up in about half an hour, for epic scale miniature games.

As always, I want to make sure that I'm providing you with great products. I'll run a 3d Printing Terrain survey soon to get your input.

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