Instructions for Brutal Cities laser cut MDF terrain kits.

We have filmed rough dry fit assembly guides in the interim before the step by step assembly guides are created and will be uploading these ASAP.

Please don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions about assembly.

For the latest Bruteopolis Plaza Tower release, Instructions will be ready hopefully by 21st February.

If you can't wait - The long strips on sheets BTB7-2/2, BT22-1/3, BT24-1/3 should be used on the level you wish to sit on top of the objective room - the strips are a long beam that sits on the columns of the objective room.

The interior of the objective room should have the engraved sides facing inwards.

The roof plant deck level can be glued to the Roof module, allowing you to remove the uppermost roof for interior access, or the walls can be glued to the plant deck room allowing you to remove the entire plant deck if you wish.

Don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you.


Eternity Labs Module A

Eternity Labs Module B

Eternity Labs Module C

Vantann Office Building