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MDF Hobby Paint Rack

MDF Hobby Paint Rack

This laser-cut MDF paint rack stores 77 Vallejo-style dropper bottle paints, or 63 Citadel-style pots. Organising your hobby space and paint storage is easy with this hobby paint rack.

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    terrain scale/s:

    Product Specificiations



    dimensions: W 295 mm x L 240 mm x H 280 mm

    MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

    FAQ View 3d AR model on your tableop


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    Layla M.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Great Gift

    I bought this as a gift for my boyfriend and he was really happy with how it tidies up his painting space. It’s a bit fiddly to put together but a good looking outcome.

    Brutal Cities MDF Hobby Paint Rack Review

    Brutal Cities

    Thanks for the review Layla! Makes a huge difference to having a tidy space :)

    Matthew G.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Awesome paint rack

    East enough to assemble, just requires some patience to put the final side on. Very sturdy and does the job well once built.

    Brutal Cities MDF Hobby Paint Rack Review

    Brutal Cities

    Looks great, thanks for the review

    Cameron C.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Needs Improvement

    It was alright each shelf needs to be a little deeper and maybe have some more support in the centre of each shelf because if you don't go through and apply a generous amount of wood glue to each shelf they start to warp and once warped its quite annoying to to bend and glue them in place also when constructing the stand I recommend set the up the paint brush holder the opposite way to the image provided as the angle is not deep enough to hold them in properly but if you flip it the other way round it seems to remedy the problem.

    Sinead O.
    Australia Australia
    I recommend this product

    Paint holder

    Great and great customer service


    Brutal Cities

    Cheers mate!

    Terrain Product Details

    MDF Hobby Paint Rack - Perfect Storage Solution for Miniature Painters

    At Brutal Cities, we understand the passion and dedication that goes into every tabletop game and hobby project. Our mission is to enhance your gaming experience with our architecturally inspired terrain kits and to organise your creative space with the best MDF paint rack solutions on the market. Whether you're a dedicated hobbyist in search of the perfect hobby paint racks or a tabletop gamer needing to streamline your setup, we have you covered.

    Our hobby paint racks can fit paint tins up to 36mm in diameter, allowing you to keep all of your paints perfectly organised with ease. Whether you’re using AK Realcolour, AK Xtreme Metal Tamiya Lacquer or Gunze/Mr Hobby paints, we have the rack for you!

    Terrain Product Details

    Store all your hobby paint with this economical MDF hobby paint rack.

    We all know how tricky it can be to keep your space tidy and organised when your collection of paints is only getting bigger by the week. Our laser-cut MDF hobby paint rack makes it easy to keep your paint pots organised. This paint rack is designed to store up to 77 Vallejo-style dropper bottle paints or 63 Citadel-style pots, making it the ultimate solution for organising your hobby space and paint storage. With this MDF paint rack, you can keep your paints in perfect order, making your miniature painting projects more enjoyable and efficient. 

    Get your painting supplies in order today with our versatile and stylish hobby paint racks.

    Hobby Paint Rack MDF

    View 3D AR model on your tabletop

    On the Product Page, click the second image (with the cube symbol) with a smartphone to view the terrain on your tabletop.

    iPhone AR model Instructions

    Please use Safari to view these 3d models to enable AR mode - Click view in space.

    Android AR model Instructions

    Clicking the 3d models will open the Google app to view these 3d models and give you the view in space AR option. These models were generated with Photogrammetry - they look bumpy, but the real products are very clean and detailed!

    Accuracy is within 1cm. Prioritise written dimensions over AR. View other AR terrain models here

    Brush Holder Paint Rack

    Organise Your Hobby Space

    The battlefield may be chaos, but that doesn’t mean your painting table needs to be. Our MDF Hobby Paint Rack is here to help you keep your paints organised and your hobby space clutter-free. 

    Why choose this paint rack for your miniature hobby?

    • Holds a whopping 77 Vallejo-style dropper bottle paints!
    • Or if you use Citadel-style larger pots, it holds 63 hobby paint pots!
    • A handy side stand allows you to store paintbrushes and other tools for easy access.
    • Economical design, making it more affordable per paint pot.
    • Solid structure (just make sure you use glue along the rear shelf).
    • Simple to assemble.

    With this paint rack, you can finally say goodbye to the frustration of searching for the right colour amidst a sea of paint bottles. Keep your paints in perfect order and focus on bringing your miniatures to life.

    Versatile Paint Storage

    Our MDF Hobby Paint Rack is available in two styles, catering to your specific paint collection:

    Citadel Pot Style

    This style is perfect for you if you prefer Citadel-style larger pots for your paints. It can accommodate up to 63 hobby paint pots, ensuring all your favourite colours are neatly stored and readily accessible.

    Dropper Bottle Style

    For those who use Vallejo-style dropper bottle hobby paints, our rack can hold an impressive 77 bottles. Whether you paint miniatures or terrain, you'll have all the colours you need at your fingertips.

    MDF Hobby Paint Rack

    Paint Rack Instructions

    Construct the kit by attaching all the shelves and walls to one side of the rack and then pop the shelves into the slots on the other side. Make sure to use PVA glue along the entire length of the shelves to ensure that the weight of the paints will not warp the MDF.

    Paint Rack Specifications:

    • The Citadel Rack can hold 63 Citadel-sized paint pots.
    • Dropper Bottle can hold 77 Vallejo Paints
    • 0.908kg Citadel paint rack
    • 0.845kg Dropper bottle paint rack

    Upgrade Your Painting Experience

    Unlock the full potential of your gaming and hobby sessions with Brutal Cities' meticulously designed MDF paint racks and architecturally inspired terrain kits. We do what we do because we care about providing quality products for our community, ensuring every product enhances your creative space and enriches your gaming adventures. If you’re looking for a specifically designed paint rack to keep your painting area tidy or a great gift for any hobbyists in your life, then we’ve got you covered!

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    Join the miniature painters community who trust Brutal Cities for their hobby needs. Upgrade your painting experience today.