Brutal Cities Blog

  • Brutal Cities Terrain Painting Competition - Submit entries by 31st March

    Paint a Brutal Cities terrain kit and send us pictures of your work via email, Instagram or Facebook messenger. Prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd best painted!

  • Brexit & Brutal Cities

    • -No shipping to the UK until our VAT registration is approved
    • -We will update you in the future
    • -Prices remain the same (Yay!)
    • -We are unlikely to be able to provide better savings to the UK than our standard 20% off actual shipping costs
  • Hobby Habits - Tips to stay motivated on your terrain or miniatures

    Personally I have not painted much for fun lately, but a friend of mine gave me an audiobook called Atomic Habits - It's about making tiny easy changes to your habits to improve your life or achieve your goals. Here are some easy habit tips for wargamers and hobbyists - so you can get your army painted or terrain done!

  • Pinwash and oil paint weathering tutorial

    A quick video and easy guide for weathering and pin washes with oil paints. You really should try oils out!

  • Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi Tabletop Terrain Poster Files

     We wanted to share some posters for people to use for their terrain. Download the PDFs here to add some immersion to your cyberpunk tables.