• Tabletop wargaming game with terrain buildings and man moving a miniature

    One Terrain for All Games

    Save money & time with fewer overall terrain purchases - minimalist design suits Infinity, 30K & more!

  • cyberpunk office building with three floors and interior access

    Easy to make, Easy to Paint

    Simple designs & helpful instructions mean you get your terrain built and painted quickly!

  • shipping boxes in front of red brick

    Flat rate & Free Shipping Available

    Shipped from our Sydney workshop. Free shipping for AU orders over $160 and low flat rate shipping available worldwide. We use Auspost for reliable carbon neutral shipping.

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  • MDF terrain laser cut

    Moneyback Guarantee

    Australian MDF cut with a Trotec - the leader in Laser technology. If you aren't happy with the quality get in touch to start a return.

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Dark and hazy warhamer 40k tabletop battle with imperial guard and chaos space marines fighting. Large brutalist tower terrain top right.

MDF Sci-fi Terrain - Wargaming Terrain & Scenery | Brutal Cities

Need terrain ideas? Check out the terrain Gallery!

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  • Large Epic 40k / Legions Imperialis brutalist skyscrapers with titans and space marines for scale. A gothic ruin building is in the foreground and a stormy sky in the background.

    6mm Terrain Sci fi

    True scale 6mm terrain blocks LOS and makes your tabletop into a real city. Scaled for epic terrain and games games like Legions Imperialis or Battletech - and of course 6mm Cold War Games!

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  • Sunset image of 15mm minaitures and team yankee tanks fighting in city terrain

    15mm Terrain

    Most of the 6mm terrain is designed with proportions that also suit 15mm tabletop games. More bang for your buck! The brutalist and modernist inspired designs are perfect as Team Yankee terrain and 15mm sci fi games.

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  • mdf wargaming terrain sci-fi with interior lights

    28mm Terrain Sci fi

    Tired of gothic L shaped ruins at every tournament? Versatile terrain will suit multiple games and is perfect as:

    Infinity terrain

    Killteam terrain

    40k terrain

    Star Wars Legion Terrain

    Modern wargaming & more!

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Upgrade your tabletop terrain to wargaming architecture

Designed by a graduate architect and inspired by real-world cities and sci-fi cinema. The Mission? Provide you with amazing value! By balancing gameplay, style and simplicity you get the best wargaming terrain in the club! The 28/32mm terrain Sci-fi MDF kits are designed to give you ultimate aesthetic flexibility. Memorable scenery for your Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Sci-fi and Modern Tabletop Wargaming!