• Large Epic 40k / Legions Imperialis brutalist skyscrapers with titans and space marines for scale. A gothic ruin building is in the foreground and a stormy sky in the background.

    6mm Terrain Sci fi

    True scale 6mm terrain blocks LOS and makes your tabletop into a real city. Scaled for epic terrain and games games like Legions Imperialis or Battletech - and of course 6mm Cold War Games!

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  • 15mm miniatures fighting in city terrain

    15mm Terrain

    Most of our 6mm terrain is designed with proportions that also suit 15mm tabletop games. More bang for your buck! The brutalist and modernist inspired designs are perfect as Team Yankee terrain and 15mm sci fi games.

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  • 28mm terrain sci fi base with miniatures at night

    28mm Terrain Sci fi

    Tired of gothic L shaped ruins at every tournament? Versatile terrain will suit multiple games and is perfect as:

    Infinity terrain

    Killteam terrain

    40k terrain

    Star Wars Legion Terrain

    Modern wargaming & more!

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  • Tabletop wargaming game with terrain buildings and man moving a miniature

    One Terrain for All Games

    Save money & time with fewer overall terrain purchases - minimalist design suits Infinity, 30K & more!

  • cyberpunk office building with three floors and interior access

    Easy to make, Easy to Paint

    Simple designs & helpful instructions mean you get your terrain built and painted quickly!

  • shipping boxes in front of red brick

    Flat rate & Free Shipping Available

    Shipped from our Sydney workshop. Free shipping for AU orders over $180 and low flat rate shipping available worldwide. We use Auspost for reliable carbon neutral shipping.

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  • Laser cut mdf terrain quality example

    Moneyback Guarantee

    Australian MDF cut with a Trotec - the leader in Laser technology. If you aren't happy with the quality get in touch to start a return.

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Mark B. Verified Buyer


Modular Scaffolding (& misc)

I've bought a bunch of stuff from this range and it's all easy to put together, robust and easy to slap paint on to make a professional looking board.

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Upgrade your tabletop terrain to wargaming architecture

Designed by a graduate architect and inspired by real-world cities and sci-fi cinema. The Mission? Provide you with amazing value! By balancing gameplay, style and simplicity you get the best wargaming terrain in the club! The 28/32mm terrain Sci-fi MDF kits are designed to give you ultimate aesthetic flexibility. Memorable scenery for your Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Sci-fi and Modern Tabletop Wargaming!

Brutal Cities: Your Home for MDF Terrain and Wargaming Terrain & Scenery

At Brutal Cities, we specialise in developing Brutalist-inspired laser-cut MDF terrain - to turn your tabletop into an immersive high-density Bruteopolis! Crafted by a former architecture grad with a passion for gaming and a keen eye for detail, our terrain pieces are more than just game necessities; they're works of art that enhance every battle and campaign session. Dive into our world where wargaming terrain and tabletop game terrain are developed for gamers by gamers.

Discovering the World of MDF Terrain

MDF terrain, also known as Medium Density Fiberboard terrain, has become an indispensable wargaming element. Whether you're a seasoned tabletop gamer or a novice, our MDF terrain offers unparalleled versatility and durability. At Brutal Cities, we pride ourselves on providing the finest MDF terrain in Australia, meticulously designed to meet the needs of wargaming aficionados.

6mm Terrain Sci-Fi

Why Choose Brutal Cities for Your Tabletop Game Terrain?

  • Quality and Durability: Our MDF terrain is made to withstand the rigours of intense gaming sessions, providing a lasting addition to your gaming arsenal.
  • Australian Made: Proudly designed and produced in Australia, from Australian accreddited renewable plantation forests our wargaming terrain reflects our commitment to quality.
  • Versatile Designs: Suitable for a wide range of game settings, our terrain pieces ensure you get the most out of every purchase and are adaptable to countless gaming scenarios.
  • Community Focused: At Brutal Cities, we listen to and evolve with our gaming community, ensuring our designs meet and exceed your expectations. We also sponsor community run tabletop events!

Wargaming Terrain That Takes Your Games to the Next Level

Literally - we have a fantastic selection of high rise, city terrain and more realistically scaled designs. Brutal Cities brings you wargaming terrain that truly harnesses the power of imagination. Our wargame terrain features minimalist, practical designs offering you versatility and flexibility - whether your troops are gibbering mutants or savy hackers.

A Glimpse of Our Wargaming Terrain

28mm MDF Terrain

Our exclusive collection of 28mm MDF terrain is designed for modern sci-fi tabletop gaming. Crafted with precision, these terrain pieces provide an immersive backdrop for your loyal troops. Discover Bruteopolis, our flagship 28mm-35mm range that transforms your low density tabletop into a real urban metropolis! Check out our unique Easy Access terrain collection which features terrain buildings much larger than you’ll find anywhere else. 

15mm Terrain Sci-Fi

6mm Terrain - Sci-Fi Awaits

Tired of the same 28mm scale skirmish wargaming? Our new 6mm terrain is perfect for games like Legions Imperialis and Battletech!What’s more, the kits on our Epic Scale Terrain page have been designed to suit multiple scales so you get more flexiblity and value with your collection! 

Order Your MDF Terrain Today

Jump into a realm where your tactical skills are matched only by the stunning landscapes you battle on. With Brutal Cities, every game is an opportunity to explore new worlds, forge epic tales, and create unforgettable memories with your mates.. Browse our collections today and discover how our MDF terrain can transform your tabletop gaming terrain into a city of endless possibilities.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is MDF terrain?

Be not afraid - it’s easy to make and paint. Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF) terrain is a popular choice for tabletop gamers, offering versatile and durable terrain pieces for wargaming. It"s made from compressed wood fibres and can be customised to fit various gaming scenarios. Check out our free painting guide and blog for tips

Why should I choose Brutal Cities for MDF terrain?

 I am so passionate about terrain and design, that I left my career in architecture to launch Brutal Cities. As a small business you have a direct line to the owner-operator, and I legitimately really care about giving you the best experience. I can’t promise you the fastest response times compared to larger companies, but I have the best laser on the market and the most innovative terrain designs. I’m always striving to improve our service to you and our terrain products. I reckon  we make the highest quality MDF terrain Australia has to offer - but check out the reviews to see for yourself!

How is my tabletop gaming experience enhanced with your wargaming terrain?

A lot of people play several tabletop games, and wargaming terrain can take up a lot of space. If you’re playing a game like 40k, which often has a distinct style, you can’t use that terrain for other games such as Infinity or cyberpunk skirmish games. Brutal Cities kits are designed with flexibility and gameplay in mind. The minimalist, brutalist-inspired designs lend themselves to any setting from the 1960s pulp gaming to sci-fi settings and even work as fortress-like structures for 40k and Horus Heresy games. By using Brutal Cities terrain, you get amazing value - and you don’t need to buy and paint more terrain when you start a new game. Alex from 52 Miniatures even made a video about using Brutal Cities for fantasy settings! I only have so much space here, but you can read our terrain blog for some insight into the terrain designs available. 

Do you offer paint racks for hobbyists?

We provide amazing value with our economical and high-quality paint racks to keep your hobby area organised and efficient. Explore our range of paint racks.