Upgrade your tabletop terrain to wargaming architecture

Designed by a graduate architect and inspired by real-world cities and sci-fi cinema. The Mission? Provide you with amazing value! By balancing gameplay, style and simplicity you get the best wargaming terrain in the club! The 28/32mm terrain Sci-fi MDF kits are designed to give you ultimate aesthetic flexibility. Memorable scenery for your Warhammer 40k, Infinity, Sci-fi and Modern Tabletop Wargaming!

  • haqqislam_infinity_models - Brutal Cities

    How to Speed Paint Infinity Miniatures

    Paint like a pro, fast, with this guest tutorial by local Infinity player Tom!

    View tutorial 
  • FADELIGHT-mdf-plastic-terrain-YOUTUBE - Brutal Cities

    Fadelight Terrain Video - watch how the Fadelight terrain was designed

    Check out our Youtube channel! 
  • Augmented-Reality-Wargaming-Terrain - Brutal Cities

    Use your smart phone to view augmented reality 3d models of the terrain you are interested in to see if it suits your needs. You can then easily see if the terrain is scaled for your favourite miniature games!

    View Wargaming Terrain in AR! 
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