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Brutal Cities Important Announcement & Sale

UPDATE as of 15/05/2024

Thanks everyone for the rush of orders. I have just under a month left at the current workshop site, moving out on the 13th June. As such I have to stop selling anything not in stock. If I get through the orders and have time and materials, I will make some more terrain for you. If / when this happens will be communicated via the email list, you can sign up if you want to be notified. I appreciate all the kind messages, chats and your business over these past 5 years, It's been fun.



Likely this isn't the very end, but I would like some more time to learn new skills and spend time with family and friends. I will have a look at outsourcing manufacturing and exploring different methods for the very important task of representing glorious Brutalist architecture on that tabletop!

Keep reading for more info.




Hello dear reader!

The TL;DR - 

  1. I need to move workshop by the end of May (13th June now after a chat)
  2. Brutal Cities might be closing (manufacturing - not gone for good!)
  3. Now might be your last chance to order from me

If you want the guaranteed best quality product, get the kits you’ve wanted for a while. 

So, some news!

I’ve just have been notified by the business I share my workshop with that due to their recent growth, I gotta go. It’s been a great time sharing the space with them! Look up Natura Sauna if you’re in the greater Sydney area and want a sauna!

I will look for options and places to lease, 

However there is a chance that it’s time to end things. I will be thinking it over while I get the current batch of sale orders out.

If you want any kits produced by me personally, on the amazingly precise Trotec S100, now is the time to order. If you have just ordered, and want to combine, let me know and I can hold off posting. 

You can use code


For 10% off the first 30 orders over $50 AUD

Just note that I’m low on stock for a lot of items so please expect a wait- I will need to work efficiently so I have time to plan the next moves etc. 

I will make orders in batches, so for instance, if you order an item and I have to make more, I will make ALL the items for everyone's orders before I ship your order.

If you are not sure about a product or our products in general, just check our glowing customer reviews on the website (Thanks so much to everyone who has left one, it really helps Brutal Cities a lot!) 

Will you close Brutal Cities?

I have been thinking for a while now that it would be nice to work in a team again - I’m an extrovert and it does get a bit lonely working alone. 

I am not 100% sure what will happen, but I will continue designing terrain one way or the other.

I've also found recently that while the business has grown over the last 5 years, it's getting increasingly hard to find time to design new products and work ON the business, rather than in it. I wouldn’t mind time for a holiday and get some tabletop games in again.

Back to architecture perhaps? Set design? (HMU if you need miniatures or designs for film!)  Marketing? Not sure!

I have pretty chuffed that I've achieved my goals with Brutal Cities. I’ve established a brand, and I have many more unrealised terrain ideas. I started this venture because architecture school and practice sparked a fire for design, and I have a sincere passion to share with you beautiful, brutal and inspiring architecture - many real world architectural ideas, let alone sci-fi ones are completely missing for gamers!

One such example can be found here: Ash Waste Terrain - Post-Apocalypse Modular Wargaming Scenery

I have plans to sell some .STL files for 3D printing once I have more experience with that format (and time to set up my Prusa I bought over a year ago hah!)

If I find an affordable workshop place that’s suitable, I may just move everything and carry on. 60/40 chance that Brutal Cities won’t make MDF terrain anymore.

Which products won’t be available soon?

I have enough dark material to make about 30 more transformer towers / Brutalist Civic Centres. I’m low on MDF - actually just ordered another batch of 800 sheets, but I won’t order anymore.

When will new orders be closed?

I will have to close orders once I reach capacity. It probably won’t take long to reach capacity, as I will need to also ship and then sell or pack up all the other equipment, stock, shelving etc. I will probably close new orders if there is enough demand NEXT WEEK  (update - closed now - email subscribers will be notified when we have new stock)

Will you license or sell designs to be made elsewhere?

Maybe, I don’t know. And if I do, it will be a process and will take a while to negotiate etc. The only certainty is that if you order as soon as possible, you will get the terrain you’ve been dreaming of 😀

If I order now, when will I get my order?

MDF laser cut terrain making is a semi-industrial process - it’s more labour intensive than you’d think and made to stock, in small batches. I will first finish all outstanding orders - Please do not email me with questions about order time as it will only slow me down from making it ;) You will get emails when it’s shipped. I also have a backlog from recent sales, and a design commission to finish. (Sorry, I didn't plan to have a giant sale now, but I wanted to give you the last opportunity to get terrain laser cut by moi)

Will you sell .STL files?

Yes! I've even shared a quick design a couple of months ago in the Brutal City Builders Facebook group (you can join if you like here to see it) Once I have a collection of designs ready for you to print, I will add them to a new page - 3D Printable Sci-Fi Terrain  which will be the directory for future 3d printable terrain. Stay subscribed for more news!

To all my great customers and friends and terrain-enjoyers - thanks again for the support and chats over the years. I hope I’ve given you some entertainment and value from my posts and terrain. Do check out the website if you haven’t before or if you want to pick up some more terrain while you still can.

I will keep you updated on what happens from here. 

Yours in terrain,


P.S. Please sign up to our mailing list below for updates on the future of Brutal Cities. It is 100% the best way to support small businesses. Advertising is expensive, organic reach on social media is long dead and emails are still affordable, and you don’t have to open it if you don’t want to ;)

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