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  • trapper biotech fadelight terrain bundle
  • urban city mat with fadelight terrain and greenhouses
  • nesting infinity tournament mdf terrain
  • plastic and mdf wargaming table on city board
  • stacked trapper cyberpunk biotech modules
  • stacked tournament bundle terrain with ladders and vent
  • large trapper biotech modules 28mm mdf terrain
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Brutal Cities

Trapper Biotech Bundle

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Non-residents would be forgiven for thinking that the wildly successful Trapper Biotech company sprung up overnight in Bruteopolis. The truth is far different. An almost limitless amount of human test ‘volunteers’ - dust addicts and unfortunates walking the streets - means that within just a few years of launching, Trapper Biotech has become the top biotech company in Bruteopolis.

The Trapper Biotech Module Square contains:

  • 1 x Trapper Biotech Module Square
  • 1 x Trapper Biotech Module S
  • 1 x Trapper Biotech Module M
  • 1 x Trapper Biotech Module L
  • 2 x Trapper Ducts
  • 1 x Cable/Pen Bracket
  • 1 x Greenhouses


  • Fadelight Translucent plastic - no glue required, simply paint terrain then slot in 
  • Lightweight - 1.8mm MDF
  • Save space with the nesting design
  • Stackable
  • Removable roof - can play interiors or place LEDs to light up the terrain.
  • Can add Cable/Pen Brackets to recycle your broken cables or empty 3mm pens into conduits. Brackets are optional and sold separately
  • Add the Trapper Ducts to add scatter terrain (sold separately)
Trapper Biotech is suitable for 28mm models and a tournament-friendly table for Infinity the game. This is part of the Fadelight range by Brutal Cities.

Approx 140 x 113 x 74mm /  3.45kg

This 28-32mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted. 28mm infinity models are shown for scale purposes only. Battlemat and greenery are not included.