Realistic true scale proportions and realistic glazing with our translucent fadelight plastic! 6mm terrain that's designed to look good at multiple scales, saving you time, money and making it easier for an excuse to try new game scales!

As a gamer myself, I'm personally really excited to use this terrain with a great Cold War game called Seven Days to the River Rhine. And of course, you can see from the pictures that I'm hyped to start up an iron warriors force for Legions Imperialis!

Transformer Tower

6-15mm City Mode

Want to fill out more of a table and protect your titans or battle mechs from enemy LOS?

Simply unpin the modules to separate it into three towers, a podium (with or without communications and advertising sign) and three platforms...

28mm terrain brutalist hab modules with octagonal design and innfinity minaitures for scale

28-35mm Sci-Fi Mode

Or use it as 28-35mm terrain!

  1. Slide the glazing off
  2. Slide the platform on
  3. Flip the module on it's side and voila - you now have a sci-fi outpost added to your terrain collection!

Epic Scale Terrain

Build a modern city with terrain that suits multiple scales.

  • Epic Scale Terrain for All Games

    If you play games like Battletech Alpha Strike, Epic 40k, Team Yankee or
    the new Legions Imperialis, this terrain for all those settings!

  • 6mm Sci-fi Terrain office building - gray with battletech mech and Chieftain tank

    Easy to make, Easy to Paint

    Helpful instructions and simple designs help you get your terrain built and painted quickly!

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  • MDF terrain laser cut

    Moneyback Guarantee

    Australian MDF cut with a Trotec - the leader in Laser technology. If
    you aren't happy with the quality get in touch to start a return.

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