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NB: Moving out this week! Please bear with me as we finish fulfilling orders and pack up the workshop - replies may be slower than usual.

If you have any questions or need help or support with your purchase, please contact me and I'll respond as soon as I can! The best and fastest way to get in contact is via the chat popup on this page. Alternatively you can Email Us or chat on social media (Links in page footer)

For shipping and customs information please view the shipping policy

We have some guides on painting terrain on the terrain tips blog 

You can find the instructions for our MDF terrain here

For tournament sponsorship inquires please fill out the google form - please just remind me via messaging here if I don't get back to you, as I can only support so many events as a single human running Brutal Cities.

Please just be aware that as it's primarily just me with a bit of help, running everything including finding time to do new designs means that while I may not always be quick to respond to inquires. I care a lot and strive to do my best to help you! 

Thanks for your interest in Brutal Cities and I hope I can help make your tabletop hobby better!

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