Collection: 15mm Terrain Sci Fi

Shop the 15mm Terrain Sci fi collection. Laser cut wargaming terrain for your games of Team Yankee WWIII, Gruntz 15mm, MaK in 15mm and more!

The terrain range features high-quality Australian-made MDF. 

  • 6mm-terrain-sci-fi - Brutal Cities


    Many 6mm or 15mm tables feature underscale terrain. Not everything should be massive, but lots of terrain you see is not to scale, and too small. Real buildings are larger than you'd think!

    The glazing is also unique and really represents modern and sci-fi architecture well - most other terrain has tiny windows and looks like load bearing masonry from the 1800's!

  • Versatile

    Most of the range can be used for multiple scales due to the minimalist design and proportions! Brutalism looks great and the terrain can be used for tabletop games like:

    • Epic 40k (6mm)
    • Legions Imperialis (8mm)
    • Dropzone Commander (10mm)
    • Gruntz 15mm
    • Cold war games such as Seven Days to the River Rhine, and Team Yankee (6/15mm are commonly used for these games)
    • The Transformer tower actually transforms into 28-32mm terrain for games like Infinity!
  • Epic

    Just look!