Collection: 15mm Terrain Sci Fi

Shop the 15mm Terrain Sci fi collection. Laser cut wargaming terrain for your games of Team Yankee WWIII, Gruntz 15mm, MaK in 15mm and more!

The terrain range features high-quality Australian-made MDF. 

15mm Scale Terrain for Your Wargaming Adventures | Brutal Cities

At Brutal Cities, we know tabletop gaming and the unique requirements of 15mm scale gaming. Our 15mm sci-fi terrain is carefully designed to provide highly detailed, realistic settings for your miniature battles. Whether you're manoeuvring tanks in a post-apocalyptic wasteland or commanding starships in distant galaxies, our 15mm terrain collection offers the perfect backdrop for your strategic endeavours.

Shop theincredible15mm Terrain Sci-fi collection. This laser-cut MDF terrain collection is designed with precision and love for enthusiasts of Team Yankee WWIII, Gruntz 15mm, MaK in 15mm, and beyond. Learn what sets our 15mm sci fi terrain apart and why it's the ideal choice for your tabletop battles.

Our minimalist design and proportions allow our terrain to seamlessly fit into various settings, catering to a wide range of tabletop games. Whether diving into epic 40k battles, exploring Legions Imperialis, or strategising in the world of Infinity, our terrain is ready to enhance your gaming experience.

Join us on a journey that harnesses creative technology and the latest trends in terrain design. Embrace the realism, versatility, and quality that define Brutal Cities. 

15mm Terrain Fields

Why Choose Our 6/15mm Terrain?

Realism That Transcends Scale

In the world of wargaming, authenticity matters. Many 6mm or 15mm tables feature underscale terrain. Not everything should be massive, but lots of terrain available to gamers is not to scale and is too small. Real buildings are larger than you'd think!

At Brutal Cities, we've made it our mission to change that. Our 15mm scale terrain is crafted to match real-world proportions. Our high-quality Australian-made MDF ensures that our terrain stands the test of time, just like the buildings that inspire them.

The plastic fadelight glazing is also unique and represents modern and sci-fi architecture well — most other terrain has tiny windows and looks like load-bearing masonry from the 1800s!

Versatility to Fuel Your Imagination

Most of the range can be used for multiple scales due to the minimalist design and proportions! Brutalism looks great for many settings, whether sci-fi or historical and the terrain can be used for tabletop games like:

  • Epic 40k (6mm)
  • Legions Imperialis (8mm)
  • Dropzone Commander (10mm)
  • Gruntz 15mm
  • Cold War games such as Seven Days to the River Rhine and Team Yankee (6/15mm are commonly used for these games)
  • The Transformer tower transforms into 28-32mm terrain for games like Infinity.

Epic Scale Terrain with a Twist

Our Transformer tower is more than just a piece of terrain; it's a tribute to our roots. Modelled after a building in Sydney, the home of Brutal Cities, this 1:285 scale masterpiece exhibits flexibility extending up to 15mm. Its minimalist design ensures seamless integration into various gaming scenarios.

15mm Cold War Terrain

Join the Brutal Cities Adventure

Embrace the future of 15mm scale wargaming with Brutal Cities. Our 15mm sci-fi terrain is here to transform your tabletop into the ultimate battleground, where strategy, aesthetics, and storytelling come together in perfect harmony. Browse our collection today and elevate your wargames to new heights of realism and excitement.

With Brutal Cities, the smallest scale brings the largest adventures. Our 15mm terrain is the cornerstone of vibrant, dynamic, and tactically rich gaming sessions. Elevate your wargaming experience with our premium, Australian-made terrain, and let your strategic battles unfold in spectacular detail. The world of 15mm scale wargaming awaits—join us and make your mark on the battlefield.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes your 15mm sci fi terrain unique?

Our terrain stands out due to its realistic proportions and modern architectural representation, setting it apart from under-scaled alternatives.

Can I use your 15mm terrain for games other than wargaming?

Absolutely! Our versatile 15mm sci fi terrain is a perfect fit for multiple scales and can enhance the experience of various tabletop games.

What materials are used in your 15mm sci-fi terrain?

Our 15mm terrain is expertly crafted from high-quality MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard). This durable material ensures longevity and precision in your wargaming setup.

Do you offer customisation options for 15mm MDF terrain?

Yes, we understand that every gamer has unique preferences. While our standard designs are exceptional, we also offer customisation options to tailor your 15mm sci-fi terrain to your needs.

Can you recommend storage solutions for 15mm terrain?

Certainly! We recommend investing in protective cases or storage solutions to keep your 15mm terrain pristine. Proper storage ensures your investment lasts for countless battles.

Is the Transformer tower compatible with different gaming systems?

Yes, it transforms beautifully into 28-32mm terrain, making it suitable for games like Infinity.

For more answers to your questions, explore our comprehensive FAQ section.