Collection: Trapper Biotech - 28mm Terrain Sci Fi

Before the war between science and monstrosity (and anyone caught in the crossfire), a bustling company town run by Trapper Biotech lay just beyond the city limits of Bruteopolis.
With a noble vision to work towards human enhancement, the company spent an undisclosed sum to build its research base without government scrutiny. Lacking the oversight of public town planners, they neglected to include sufficient natural lighting in the laboratory suites.
The absence of sunlight first caused fatigue before cumulating in mania. The raging scientists tested new concepts in body/brain hacking without scruples. Of course, the company did learn from this mistake and the next prefab labs were a vast improvement. 
night themed 28mm sci-fi wargaming table terrain

Shortlisted as Best Terrain - 2022

Trapper Biotech - Fadelight Modules were shortlisted as best terrain 2022 by On Table Top! Read about the Fadelight terrain design in the blog post here

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28mm Sci fi terrain - works with games up to 35mm scale!

Choose between the Utopian Fadelight or the utilitarian Genesis Modules

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Save space with the nesting design

Both Fadelight and Genesis versions of the Trapper Biotech terrain modules pack up to save you space and make packup easy!