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chaos space marines and astra militarum fighting in ruined fortress terrain

Block LoS With Ease

The varied levels of the kits allows you to give cover to your troops and block line of sight, from infantry to monstrous creatures.

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Dark and hazy warhamer 40k tabletop battle with imperial guard and chaos space marines fighting. Large brutalist tower terrain top right.

Dynamic Gameplay

Stop playing with boring L-shaped terrain. The modular kits let you customise your table for more variety and setups while looking great!

Take Cover With Scatter Terrain

Great Investment

The customisation of the modular terrain mixed with the high quality MDF offers excellent value for your investment. The terrain will last years of vigorous gameplay and suits multiple settings and game systems.

Durable Modular Terrain
adamant complex wall fortification terrain

Create Fortified Positions

Cordon off large parts of the table and create bunkers and walled areas with fortifications.

Build Your Fortress

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Tired of fighting in the same gothic ruins or generic boxes? Check out our brutalist inspired MDF terrain models designed by an architecture graduate!

warhammer 40k ruins

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Wargaming Terrain Sci fi Inspiration Gallery

Check out Brutal Cities terrain in real world customer builds as well as my fun atmospheric photoshoots!

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