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Brutal Cities

Adamant L Fortification

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Damage Level

The Adamant L Fortifications provide shelter for garrisons from the elements and enemy fire. A standardised fortification design, the L Fortifications make up part of the Adamant Complex.

Designed for tournament play, the open back allows for ease of gameplay, making the placement of miniatures easy.

The L Fortifications come in a ruined and intact version. You can stack the fortifications to create formidable defences and block LOS to miniatures as large as titans! The windows can be popped out if you want to have firing ports and LOS through the terrain.
The ruined version also includes 8 x concrete barrier scatter terrain kits.

As part of the Adamant range, it includes slots to connect the Adamant Wall Terrain kits.

230 x 230 x 143mm / 55mm deep / approx 0.43kg

9" x 9" x 5.6"  / 2.16" deep

This 28-35mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.