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Brutal Cities

Block War! Bundle

Block War! Bundle

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terrain scale/s: 28mm / 32mm / 35mm

Want to re-enact block wars in Mega City One? Say no more, we have you covered! This bundle contains two of the MASSIVE easy access Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Section kits with bridges to connect them and a bunch of scatter terrain for sci-fi street battles.

This Bundle Contains:

2 x Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Section

1 x Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Bridges

1 x Road Barriers

1 x Concrete Barriers

1 x Street Bins

1 x Subway/Bunker Entrances

1 x Bus Stop

1 x Planter Boxes

1 x Adamant Concrete Walls - Long

1 x Adamant Concrete Gate

1 x Maintenance Platforms

1 x Medium Ducting Gubbins

Plants not included. Understanding of the law now included. Judge Dredd miniatures not included. But obviously they could easily live there!


Product Information

Individual dimensions

Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Section W 280 x L124 x H 393mm

Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Bridges W 50.5mm x L 310mm

Road Barriers W 45mm x L 16mm x H 22mm

Concrete Barriers L 63mm x H 22mm

Street Bins W 21mm x L 21mm x H 27mm

Subway/Bunker Entrances W 76 mm x L 96 mm x H 55 mm

Bus Stop W 144 mm x L 83 mm x H 103 mm

Planter Boxes W 131mm x L 75mm x H 25mm

Adamant Concrete Walls - Long W 226mm x L 30mm x H 71mm

Adamant Concrete Gate 226mm x L 30mm x H 71mm

Maintenance Platforms 65mm x 63mm x 36mm

Medium Ducting Gubbins W 15mm

Weight 4.05 kg

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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