So what does Brutal Cities have for your Infinity table needs?

cyberpunk city terrain with large office tower

Real Urban Scale

If you're tired of uniform, suburban scale 'Sci-fi' tables and you want your terrain to represent a real gritty urban centre we've got you covered. The modular Bruteopolis plaza tower comes in different versions, with playable materials and an Objective room base!

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sunshine alley interior easy access wargaming terrain

Acessible Terrain & Playable Interiors

Love playing with Interiors, but sick of forgetting you have miniatures inside the three levels of stackable terrain?

Simply remove the rear wall! Many kits are designed with easy-access to let you play interiors without the usual hassle. Perfect for making asymmetrical table sides.

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Modular Terrain that Nests for Storage!

Now that N4 grants cover from height, you don't need parapets on every building! Our nesting Trapper Biotech terrain collection allows you to freely stack your terrain in endless ways.
Plus you've never seen boxes so stylish and Sci-fi, thanks for our translucent Fadelight material!

Trapper Biotech Modular Terrain
cyberpunk terrain signs

Cyberpunk terrain that's quick to build and paint.

Build your dream cyberpunk table - I quit my architecture job after being dissapointed with the lack of variety and urban terrain available for gamers. Simple forms with iconic silhouettes, inspired by Brutalist architecture provide an awesome setting to your urban firefights. Add interest with cyberpunk signs to block LOS, scatter terrain for that lived in feeling (And for poor, power-armourless fusilier Angus to hide behind)

Build your dream city

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Tired of fighting in the same gothic ruins or generic boxes? Check out our brutalist inspired MDF terrain models designed by an architecture graduate!

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