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Woodland Scenics

Woodland Scenics Outcroppings Ready Rocks

Woodland Scenics Outcroppings Ready Rocks

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Wargaming Rock Scenery

Each precast plaster and hand-painted rock is unique. Use Outcropping rocks where rocks pop out of the terrain, such as embankments, ditches and hillsides. Works great when used with other Woodland Scenics basing materials.

Specifications - Realistic Rock Scenery

  • Contains:  8 rocks measuring 1" - 3 x 1/2" (2.54 cm - 8.89 cm) l x 1" - 1 7/8" (2.54 cm - 4.76 cm) h(2.83 dm3)
  • Type: Plaster Rocks


Product Specifications

Weight: 310 g

Terrain Scale:


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