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Brutal Cities

Obliquity Holdings - Upper Module

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  • The building features Fadelight translucent frosted plastic sheets - perfect for lighting up with LEDs! No glue is required. Paint the MDF first, then simply bend and slot the plastic into place.
  • Obliquity Holdings - Upper Module can be combined with Obliquity Holdings - Objective Room - Use provided pegs to lock the floor slab of the upper level to the roof of the objective room.
  • Use as a free-standing building
  • Large A/C condensor acts as a handle - you can potentially store a small battery pack there too, to power LEDs.
  • Fadelight Translucent plastic - no glue required, simply paint terrain then slot in the plastic.
  • the provided the Trapper Duct to add scatter terrain on the roof or provide cover along the side of the building.
  • Two sliding doors
  • Internal lift provides cover and hiding place

This is part of the Fadelight range.

Approx 209 x 209 x 74mm / 0.640kg

This 28-32mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted. 28mm infinity models shown for scale purposes only.