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  • helicopter landing pad mdf terrain
  • sci-fi hex pontoon landing pad
  • raised platform with stairs to helipad mdf scifi terrain
  • gaming mat with hex pontoon platform terrain
  • raised pontoon with bench and planter 28mm
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Brutal Cities

Hex Platform & Landing Pad

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Having a landing pad within the dense confines of Bruteopolis is essential for services such as police, hospitals and wealthy businessmen conducting shady deals - often with the police. 

The Hex Platform and Landing Pad is suitable for both urban and water boards. The Externity Lab/Hex Bridges Short are an excellent addition to your Hex Platforms to provide access between pontoons.

This kit contans 1x Hex Platform and 1x Raised Hex Platform with 120mm Helipad, 1x Park Bench, Planter Box and Ramp.

Approx 330mm point to point / 165mm sides / 24mm high / 0.89kg 

This 28-32mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted. 28mm infinity models shown for scale purposes only.