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  • Capsule housing provides cover for miniatures
  • Four housing capsules stacked on top of each other
  • Several modular housing capsules stacked at different levels
  • Capsule housing with connectors on the top to allow stability for extra levels
  • Capsule housing combined with scaffolding to allow access
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Brutal Cities

Modular Capsule Housing

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Modular Capsule Housing is used to cheaply and quickly respond to housing demands. These modular capsules can be attached to a vertical service core for electricity and plumbing, or sprawled out on the ground level. If more rooms are needed, it's easy enough to plug more modules in - the building grows over time.

This kit contains 4 Modular Capsule houses. These kits are very flexible. They are one of Brutal Cities' solutions to LOS blocking scatter terrain.

The Modular Capsules also allow you to easily make dynamic and creative buildings using the modular peg system. Pegs are provided to connect the capsules to one another for stability. This allows you to create awesome architecture to suit different scenarios, without being locked down to one form with glue.

The Habitation Capsules can also be combined with the modular scaffolding kit to give residents safer access to their capsules. The modular scaffolding kit comes with pegs for the ground level modules, allowing you to comfortably slot the capsules into the scaffolding.

Approx 46 x 111 x 56mm per capsule // 0.39kg

This MDF wargaming terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.