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Eternity Labs half table bundle

Eternity Labs half table bundle

Get half a table of terrain coverage for your modern or sci-fi wargaming table. The modular kits stack or can be used separately. Includes ladders for more tactical gameplay.

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    terrain scale/s: 28mm / 32mm

    Product specs

    Individual dimensions

    Eternity Lab Module A W 186 mm x L 93 mm x H 100 mm

    Eternity Lab Module B W 186mm x L 186mm x H 100mm

    Eternity Lab Module C W 280mm x L 186mm x H 100mm

    Planters W 131mm x L 75mm x H 25mm

    Bridges W 57mm x L 28mm x H 50mm

    Ladders Small 75mm between levels. Large 150mm between levels.

    A/C Condesers.

    Weight 4.77 kg


    MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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    This bundle contains enough sci-fi terrain to fill half a 4' x 4' wargaming table.

    Bundle contains:

    We strongly recommend you paint these before assembly due to the thickness of paint. If you paint them first it will be easier to stack the modules.