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  • 28mm terrain showing a Brutalist renovation on top of a delapidated brick shop
  • Back view of the building covered in graffiti and views of the balcony
  • Front view of the shop with windows and doors
  • Interior view with a staircase and balcony
  • Interior bottom level with staircase and removable door
  • Overhead view of a renovated grocery with air conditioning unit
  • Dillapidated two story retail shop
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Brutal Cities

Easy-Aug Shop

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Life in Bruteopolis is simple. You either upgrade yourself, or get left behind. Easy-Aug specialises in affordable but lethal black market combat augments.

The shop itself has been renovated from a heritage listed grocery, with concrete and steel framing as crude as the body mods within.

This kit has internal access to the two levels as well as a staircase for model placement. It has fantastic character and the ductwork and details allow it to fit into many different eras, from the 1970s to futuristic cyberpunk worlds.

156 x 210 x 173mm / 0.85kg approx

This 28-35mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.