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Brutal Cities

Bruteopolis Plaza - Objective Room

Bruteopolis Plaza - Objective Room

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"Here's the deal. You've got ten minutes to breach the perimeter. We've identified two hackers inside. Be advised, they're packing full augmentations. They'll be inside your equipment before you even enter the door. You're going in hot and you're going in alone."    - Sar Lionel to the mercenary hacker group Night Stalkerz before their ill-fated mission in Brutopolis Plaza.

The Brutetopolis Plaza Objective Room is thematic enough to run whichever missions and covert operations you can think of. It's suitable for many different miniatures games as an eye-catching terrain piece. Sporting classic brutalist blade columns, it could easily be a hotel lobby, a public library or a corporate lobby.

For game-play purposes, it features 4 symmetrically placed doors that slide into slots with a useful handle. The floor also contains 4 engraved 40mm circles to help you place objective for missions requiring an armoury in the game Infinity. The central lift breaks line of sight through the building.

This kit contains one Objective Room compatible with the Brutopolis Plaza Tower modules, including the new Fadelight Module allowing you to mix and match the different kits for a variety of options.

Product Specifications

Weight: 710 g

Terrain Scale: 28mm / 32mm / 35mm


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