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Brutal Cities

Adamant Table Bundle

Adamant Table Bundle

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terrain scale/s: 28mm / 32mm / 35mm

Adamant Table Bundle - Modular & Suitable to use for 40k Terrain

The Adamant Pattern Fortifications are a standardised fortification system developed to effectively provide Bruteopolis with an adequate defence line in these troubling times™️

This bundle provides enough terrain to cover a table in fortifications. The Adamant L Fortifications provide LOS blocking terrain and can be stacked to hide even titans! Designed for Warhammer 40k tournament tables but great for all 28mm - 32mm sci-fi games! The minimalist design ensure flexibility for all your sci-fi and modern wargaming systems.

3 x Adamant L Fortification

2 x Adamant L Fortification - Ruined

1 x Adamant Bunker Walls - Long

1 x Adamant Bunker Walls - Short

2 x Adamant Complex Gates

1 x Adamant Concrete Walls - Ruined

Includes 2 x Four way Connectors Contained within kits

Includes 21 x Concrete Barriers scatter terrain contained within kits


Product Information

Individual dimensions

Adamant L Fortification W 230 mm x L 230 mm x H 140 mm

Adamant L Fortification - Ruined W 230 mm x L 230 mm x H 140 mm

Adamant Bunker Walls - Long W 226mm x L 30mm x H 71mm

Adamant Bunker Walls - Short W 116mm x L 30mm x H 71mm

Adamant Complex Gates W 226mm x L 30mm x H 71mm 

Adamant Concrete Walls - Ruined W 226mm x L 30mm x H 71mm

Four way Connectors Contained within kits

Concrete Barriers H 22mm x L 63mm

Weight 3.39 kg

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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