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Woodland Scenics

Woodland Scenics Tree Armatures

Woodland Scenics Tree Armatures

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Scale(s) 15mm / 28mm / 32mm

Realistic Tree Armatures - Tabletop Terrain Trees

These kits are flexible plastic trees designed to be combined with various Woodland Scenics foliage. Bend the model trees into any shape you want and glue on foliage for fantastic cost-effective forest tabletop terrain trees. Hob-E-Tac adhesive is recommended to attach foliage.

Tabletop Terrain Trees for any scale!

Woodland Scenics Tree Armatures are scale agnostic, but if you want larger model trees for 28mm scenery for your Warhammer trees or other games, we recommend the 5-7 inch Deciduous and the 4-6 inch pine.

We make MDF Forest bases if you want to use these trees for forest area terrain. View the foliage tree terrain guide


Specifications - Tabletop Terrain Trees Armatures

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