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Brutal Cities

Modern Ruins

Modern Ruins

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Texture Style

terrain scale/s: 28mm, 32mm


Most wargaming terrain ruin kits you can find are actually based on pre-WWII construction method - usually load-bearing masonry. But modern buildings use reinforced concrete for the structural system. These MDF terrain kits portray a more realistic construction method for modern and sci-fi wargaming, reflecting the actual engineering of modern architecture. The ruins could represent an apartment or office building.

This kit contains two laser cut MDF Ruins.

To make the kits, simply connect the ground floor slab to the lift core pieces and repeat, then slide the columns in. Similar to our easy access kits, you don’t need to remove levels during gameplay. The windows and wall pieces and height of the levels (81 mm between floors) give you plenty of space to place miniatures and fit your fingers in the building. And the ruins are narrow enough to easy access all parts of the terrain.

The wall pieces are modular - so you can place the wall sections as you see fit. You could have one side of the building or one of the buildings more intact. The other side could be more damaged with a more open facade.

This kit contains two large ruined buildings that can be placed together to form one long ruin. Clear each level and section with your troops! You can also place them on the table as two separate ruins for more coverage. Suitable for use as 40k ruins and modern wargaming.

 Zona Alfa terrain city ruins with two large buildings and dead trees and grass in the foreground. Model buildings and terrain

Ruined City Terrain Specifications

Small Ruin 198 x 102 x 265mm // 7.8" x 4" x  10.4" 

Large Ruin 300 x 102 x 265mm // 11.8" x 4" x  10.4"


Product Specificiations

weight: 1359 g

scale/s: 28mm, 32mm

dimensions: W x L x H

View 3D AR model on your tabletop

Click the second image (with the cube symbol) with a smartphone to view the terrain on your tabletop.

Iphone AR model Instructions

Please use Safari to view these 3d models to enable AR mode - Click view in space.

Android AR model Instructions

Clicking the 3d models will open the google app to view these 3d models and give you the view in space AR option.

These models were generated with Photogrammetry - they look bumpy but the real products are actually very clean and detailed!

Accuracy is within 1cm. Prioritize written dimensions over AR.

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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