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Brutal Cities

Zona Alfa / Exclusion Zone Terrain Anomalies

Zona Alfa / Exclusion Zone Terrain Anomalies

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Is it worth it? Risking the ring of fire, Stalker? Salvage and survival in the exclusion zone? hahaha yeah nah...just death, my friend.

Perfect for representing anomalies in 28mm games of Zona Alfa by Osprey Games. Add some colour to your drab Chernobyl or Priypat tables.

The ring anomaly has jagged cuts in the MDF base. Both have a circle engraved in the centre - you could treat it differently so that the Stalkers will have to enter the template, conveniently the size of Zona Alfa 5" blasts - so there is a chance that any who enter will be hurt if they want to look for artefacts.

The anomalies are green fluoro acrylic on a 5" MDF base. 

Product Specifications

Weight: 13 g

Terrain Scale: 28mm / 32mm / 35mm


MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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