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The Old World Tokens | Fantasy Blast Templates | Charge Tokens | Unit State tokens

The Old World Tokens | Fantasy Blast Templates | Charge Tokens | Unit State tokens

In the chaos of battle, you don't want to forget what's going on! 

Choose from the following types of acrylic engraved gaming aids:

Old World templates, unit state tokens, fleeing & special attack tokens, Line of Sight aids and charge markers

These acrylic blast templates and charge tokens for fantasy games such as Warhammer the Old World are helpful tools to make your gameplay easier and more exciting.
Grab the whole template pack or select the parts you desire:

Old World Templates:

1 x 5" Blast Template

1 x 3" Blast Template

1 x Flame Template

5 x sword shaped Charge Tokens (Handy to remember who declared charge, and it's actually fun to place down!

1 x LOS template (45 degrees to help you check if units can see each other.)

You can also grab the a set of 10 Flee markers, Special Attacks and Unit States in two versions:

Old World Tokens: 

Normie Version:

Unit States x 3

  • Frenzied
  • Stupid
  • Disrupted x 2

Flee Markers x 3

Special Attacks x 3 :

  • Magical Attacks
  • Flaming Attacks
  • Poison Attacks


Old World Tokens:

Silly Version: They are fun and read as follows:

Flee Markers x 4

  • Run for your Lives
  • Feeling Melancholy today
  • We left the Stew on!
  • Need more Shillings for this fight..

Special Attacks x 3

  • Feces on My Sword (represents poison attacks)
  • Burn, you knaves! (represents flaming attacks)
  • Violence is Magic (represents magic attacks

Unit States x 3

  • Idiots (represents stupidity)
  • Disrupted
  • They are so Ugly is makes me frenzied! (represents frenzy)

We will also be launching bases and movement trays soon!


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Acrylic Tabletop Gaming Aid
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terrain scale/s: 28

Product Specifications


Terrain Scale: 28


3" Diameter Blast

5" Diameter Blast

Standard flame template size

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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Learn More:

Templates Pack

These stylish templates look great and make the game more exciting (I'm not sure why, but the little sword charge markers are more fun to use than a piece of acrylic should be, and I normally hate using tokens!)

These finely engraved templates feature authentic medieval woodcut art for your immersion.

When you place the flame template down, it reads
"May Destruction End thy Wretched Foes"

the LOS marker reads "We see you fools"