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The Old World Cavalry & Lance Formation Movement Trays & Converters

The Old World Cavalry & Lance Formation Movement Trays & Converters

Fight for the Lady! Or the Red Duke... These movement trays are designed to convert your standard cavalry rectangle formation units or your old Knights & Bretonnian miniatures to suit Warhammer the Old World new standards.

If you already have the new bases you can select the movement tray option for ease of gameplay.

How to use the base builder:

  1. Select unit size.
    The first number is the unit frontage or width, and the second number is the units ranks or depth.

    The Lance option holds up to 6 cavalry units in the lance formation. If you want more miniatures in your lance formation select the 4 x 1 size, and the 5 x 1 size in addition.

  2. Select base size.
    If you want you old 25mm x 60mm Cavalry to work with the TOW new base sizes of 30mm x 60mm choose 50 to 60mm Cavalry Base Converters.

    If you have already re-based your cavalry and you want a movement tray for game play ease, select 30 x 60mm Cavalry Movement Trays. These do not have the separations between miniature bases.



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Unit Size (Frontage x Rank)
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terrain scale/s: 28mm

Product Specifications


Terrain Scale: 28mm


25 x 50mm (Base Converters)
30 x 60mm (Movement Trays)

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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Save yourself time rebasing your models and get back to fighting epic battles. By not rebasing your models you also ensure cross compatibility with the various flourishing gaming communities still playing classics like 6th edition (My fav! Shouts out Bucket!)

The base converters feature engraved lines on the edge of the lips for future-proofing. I had asked players what they wanted and most thought that it would be a waste to engrave lines on the top of the base (Because they want to flock the tops of the bases)

However If you want to have engraved lines on the top it is easy to rule and mark the top with your blade since the sides have already been engraved.