Interior wall layout for bruteopolis plaza tower cyerpunk terrain
Floor plan of the internal wall terrain for bruteopolis plaza tower arranged into four separate rooms and bathroom
Six Infinity skirmish game models battling within interior office terrain

Bruteopolis Plaza - Interior Walls

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The Interior Walls upgrade kit gives you the flexibility of playing with interior terrain in your games. Don't be restrained to wargaming on the streets!

This terrain pack provides an internal wall layout for the Bruteopolis Plaza Tower Module.
We've optimised the layout to fulfill a variety of functions around a central lift core:
  • The large room could be the server room, office, or a kitchen and living room.
  • A toilet with shower with washbasin is suitable for office or residential settings.
  • Two smaller rooms could work as bedrooms, block-style apartments or private offices.
  • All doors are removable and fit into a slot for ease of use.
  • The walls feature minimalist engraved lighting details to provide you with thematic flexibility.
The lift core wall slots into a hole in the floor. Other walls slot into that lynchpin, allowing you to accurately position the walls. The corridors are wide enough for the placement of 32mm bases. The walls are 51mm high, which is low enough to comfortably move your cyberpunks or troops around the building with ease.

Office cubicles and computer servers sold separately.

Approx  0.21kg 
This 28-35mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.