Data centre terrain with ladder access, air condition and door
Futuristic building scenery with detachable upper level
Side view showing cover and ladder access to the building
Overview of the three different heights of the data centre
Side profile showcasing the tower, upper level and air condtioning back room

Infinity Systems Data Centre

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Infinity Systems provide localised secure data storage. New technology has reduced the amount of cooling required, and the ventilation tower provides air to the subterranean part of the facility.

The data centre ventilation tower is removable to allow miniatures to be placed behind a sliding door. There is no window in the room, providing a safe place for miniatures to hide.

The rooftop is too narrow to fit a 25mm base, preventing snipers from using that location, while still blocking line of sight. Conduit buttresses provide cover for units advancing on street level. This terrain makes a great centrepiece for your table!

220 x 220 x 348mm / 1.04kg

This 28-32mm scale laser cut MDF kit is supplied unassembled and unpainted.