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Eternity Labs Base C

Eternity Labs Base C

Unlock the ground level of the Eternity Labs Module C. and the tactical opportunities of playing with terrain interiors. 


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terrain scale/s: 28mm / 32mm

Product Specificiations

weight: 349 g

scale/s: 28mm / 32mm

dimensions: W 237 mm x L 330 mm x H 27 mm

237mm x 330mm x 27mm h

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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Terrain Product Details

You can remove the Eternity labs module so your miniatures can move through the building, without having to change the exact location of the building and miniatures.

Players who prefer more realistic pavements may also like it even if they don't want to play with accessible interiors. For line of sight purposes, the locations of the windows are marked on the wall.

Eternity labs module sold separately.