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Ammo Paint Brick Dust Pigment 35ml

Ammo Paint Brick Dust Pigment 35ml

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Wargaming Weathering Accessories

This high-quality Brick Dust Pigment 35ml is a great way to weather brick terrain or add to an urban table. This product can be applied to both large and small surfaces.


Apply the dust pigment to your terrain either solo or mixed with other pigments to create different effects. Add around details and flat areas where dust would accumulate with an old brush.

Add some pigment fixer once you're happy with the location to make the pigment set. Once dried remove excess with a sponge or paper towel.  

Specifications - Terrain and Miniature Weathering

  • 35ml
  • Colour: Brick
  • Natural product
  • Superfine pigment

Approx 0.05kg

Product Specifications

Weight: 50 g

Terrain Scale:


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