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Block War! Bundle

Block War! Bundle

Reenact Block War battles, Judge Dredd style! Contains plenty of urban terrain to set the stage for epic street firefights.

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terrain scale/s: 28mm / 32mm / 35mm

Product specs

Individual dimensions

Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Section W 280 x L124 x H 393mm

Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Bridges W 50.5mm x L 310mm

Road Barriers W 45mm x L 16mm x H 22mm

Concrete Barriers L 63mm x H 22mm

Street Bins W 21mm x L 21mm x H 27mm

Subway/Bunker Entrances W 76 mm x L 96 mm x H 55 mm

Bus Stop W 144 mm x L 83 mm x H 103 mm

Planter Boxes W 131mm x L 75mm x H 25mm

Adamant Concrete Walls - Long W 226mm x L 30mm x H 71mm

Adamant Concrete Gate 226mm x L 30mm x H 71mm

Maintenance Platforms 65mm x 63mm x 36mm

Medium Ducting Gubbins W 15mm

Weight 4.05 kg


MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.


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Want to re-enact block wars in Mega City One? Say no more, we have you covered! This bundle contains two of the MASSIVE easy-access Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Section kits with bridges to connect them and a bunch of scatter terrain for sci-fi street battles.

This Bundle Contains:

2 x Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Section

1 x Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - Bridges

1 x Road Barriers

1 x Concrete Barriers

1 x Street Bins

1 x Subway/Bunker Entrances

1 x Bus Stop

1 x Planter Boxes

1 x Adamant Concrete Walls - Long

1 x Adamant Concrete Gate

1 x Maintenance Platforms

1 x Medium Ducting Gubbins

Plants not included. Understanding of the law now included. Judge Dredd miniatures not included. But obviously they could easily live there!