Collection: Easy Access Kits

Brutal Cities' signature Easy Access kits allow you to easily place your miniatures within the building - without having to fiddle with stacking vertical modules! Simply remove the side wall! Some kits don't have rear walls at all, and are section models.




Judge dredd miniatures fighting in tower block wargaming terrain - model is a section with 4 levels

Take advantage of new firing lanes

Deployment zone firefights

Place buildings right on your deployment zone and easily draw LOS through the windows! A great way to add asymmetry to the game and make an obviouly good firing position.

sunshine alley interior easy access wargaming terrain

Unique Ways to Play Interiors in Your Games

Playable, Accessible and Practical Interiors

Having to remove roofs level by level is fiddly and can result in your precious models being scratched or knocked over. Your minis are safe thanks to the unique accessibility of the Easy Access kits. You'll never forget a model after a game - it's so easy to check!

  • Bruteopolis Plaza Tower Section

    The Plaza Tower Section is great for Block Wars. The building is the section of the Bruteopolis Plaza Tower. The open back makes playing interiors simple and practical.

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  • MDF terrain bundle with bunker walls, concrete walls, ruined buildings and 4 story high ruins with ladders

    Adamant Fortification L

    Your troops firing positions will dominate the table! And with an open design, the Adamant Fortification leaves plenty of room for your models - and your hands.

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  • Modern Ruins

    The Modern Ruins kit comes in two varieties - brick or concrete.
    The narrow floor plan and large openings mean you can easily move your troops through the interiors - all without removing levels!

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