Collection: 6mm Terrain Sci Fi

Brutal Cities presents the 6mm Terrain Sci Fi collection. High quality Laser cut wargaming terrain for your miniature cities.
The terrain range features high-quality Australian-made MDF. The kits are perfect for tabletop wargames like Team Yankee, Seven Days to the River Rhine, BattleTech, Warhammer Epic 40k and Legions Imperialis.

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Why Choose Our 6mm Terrain?


At Brutal Cities, we understand the importance of scale and realism in your miniature cityscapes. Many 6mm or 15mm tables feature under-scale terrain. Not everything should be massive, but lots of terrain available to gamers is not to scale and is too small. Real buildings are larger than you'd think!

But we don't stop at size. The plastic fadelight glazing is also unique and represents modern and sci-fi architecture well - most other terrain has tiny windows and looks like load-bearing masonry from the 1800s!


One of the hallmarks of Brutal Cities' 6mm wargaming terrain is its exceptional versatility. Most of the range can be used for multiple scales due to the minimalist design and proportions! Brutalism looks great for many settings, whether sci-fi or historical and the terrain can be used for tabletop games like:

  • Epic 40k (6mm)
  • Legions Imperialis (8mm)
  • Dropzone Commander (10mm)
  • Gruntz 15mm
  • Cold War games such as Seven Days to the River Rhine and Team Yankee (6/15mm are commonly used for these games)
  • The Transformer tower transforms into 28-32mm terrain for games like Infinity!

From epic titanic battles to gritty street skirmishes, our 6mm sci fi terrain adapts effortlessly, enhancing your gaming experience across various scales and genres.

Epic Scale Terrain

Check out our incredible transformer tower, which is a scale model of a building in Sydney (and the home of Brutal Cities)

It's 1:285 scale, but the minimalist design makes it quite flexible for scales up to 15mm.

6mm Sci Fi for Ultimate Wargaming 

We are introducing our top-of-the-line 6mm Terrain Sci-Fi collection. If you’re looking for solid, precisely crafted 6mm wargaming terrain, you’ll appreciate our laser-cut wargaming terrain range, tailor-made for your miniature cities.

15mm Terrain Fields

We understand tabletop gaming and are proud to provide our community with many epic terrain options. Our 6mm Terrain is specially designed to enhance your miniature cities, providing the perfect setting for futuristic warfare and beyond. Crafted from high-quality Australian-made MDF, our terrain kits are designed to elevate popular tabletop wargames like Team Yankee, Seven Days to the River Rhine, BattleTech, Warhammer Epic 40k, and Legions Imperialis.

Epic Battles Await in Every Detail

Step into the future of tabletop gaming with Brutal Cities. Our 6mm scale terrain is here to elevate your wargaming experience, offering a level of detail and quality that brings your miniature cities to life. Explore our collection today and discover how our 6mm sci-fi terrain can transform your tabletop into the ultimate battleground.

At Brutal Cities, we believe great battles are made in detail. Our 6mm sci-fi and wargaming terrain is designed to elevate your gaming experience, providing a rich, detailed setting for every skirmish and campaign. Unleash the full potential of your miniature armies and let your strategic battles unfold spectacularly. The future of 6mm scale wargaming is here, and it begins with Brutal Cities.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What makes Brutal Cities" 6mm Terrain Sci Fi collection stand out?

Our terrain is renowned for its realistic scale, capturing the essence of modern and sci-fi architecture like no other. It"s versatile, suitable for various gaming scales, and includes unique features like plastic fadelight glazing.

Can I use this terrain for games beyond the 6mm scale?

Absolutely. Our terrain"s minimalist design and precise proportions allow it to seamlessly blend into different scales, from 6mm to 15mm and beyond.

Are these terrain kits challenging to assemble?

Not at all. We"ve designed our 6mm sci-fi kits with easy assembly in mind. They come with comprehensive instructions, and you'll find they fit together smoothly, ensuring a hassle-free experience.

What materials are used in crafting Brutal Cities" terrain?

We take pride in using high-quality Australian-made MDF for all our terrain kits. This ensures durability, precision, and a realistic finish that enhances your gaming table.

How do I place an order for 6mm terrain kits?

Simply browse our collection, choose the terrain kits that suit your gaming needs, and add them to your cart. Proceed to checkout, and you"ll be well on your way to enhancing your tabletop gaming experience.

Explore More Terrain Options

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Brutal Cities brings you the pinnacle of6mm sci fi terrain for wargaming and sci-fi enthusiasts. Our terrain is not just a game-changer; it's a terrain-changer. Upgrade your tabletop battles, embrace unparalleled realism, and discover limitless versatility with our MDF terrain kits. Order now and transform your gaming experience today.