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Ammo Extreme Weathering Diorama Brush Set (6)

Ammo Extreme Weathering Diorama Brush Set (6)

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Complete Brush Set  

This set of brushes is designed for durability and versatility for terrain and modelling applications. The brushes are designed for use with acrylics, enamels, and oils. The selection allows you to easily add effects like pigments, mud, and dust onto your terrain and models to create realistic textures. 

The set contains the following Ammo brushes:

A.MIG-8621 - 6 synthetic flat brush
A.MIG-8616 - 6 synthetic round brush
A.MIG-8613 - 1 synthetic round brush
A.MIG-8611 - 3/0 synthetic round brush 

Specifications - Wargaming Painting Accessories

  • Contains 4 synthetic Ammo brushes.
  • Works with acrylics, enamels, and oils.

Approx 0.06 kg

Product Specifications

Weight: 55 g

Terrain Scale:


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