Terrain Painting Competition Entries and Brutal Cities 1st Birthday Sale On Now! - Brutal Cities Miniature Wargaming Terrain

Terrain Painting Competition Entries and Brutal Cities 1st Birthday Sale On Now!

Hey guys! Some exciting news!

First, check out some of the awesome entries to the Brutal Cities painting competition below. Peter won first place with his great work and custom modifications to the Easy Aug Shop! Aaron came second with his first ever terrain piece, the Sirius Capsule Tower! Seriously impressed with this but the fact it was his first piece is crazy. Aaron nailed the Neo-Tokyo Cyberpunk terrain feel, and the graffiti is excellent. We look forward to seeing more from him in the future! Third place was Hugh with a really unique post-modern take on the Cabbage Palms kit. If you have Facebook you can see more Brutal Cities Terrain WIPs and get hobby tips in the Brutal City Builders Group.

Thanks to everyone who entered, it really is great to see you guys bring these kits to life. We'll have another competition later in the year with a random entry prize, so regardless of skill you will have a chance to win. Check out the entries below.

In further news, we have just turned one! One year of Brutal Cities. It has been a strange experience as we haven't known what is considered 'normal' as we launched at the start of the pandemic. We were lucky to have supported some tournaments but on the whole there haven't been a great deal of events on.

Nonetheless it's been really great to see positive feedback to our designs. I've got heaps of new ideas to get out onto your tables!

To say thanks to our email subscribers we are giving away an option of free accessory kit with every order during the birthday sale! Just type your preferred option in the notes section of the shopping cart and we'll add it to your order!

Just type A, B or C

Brutal Cities accessories

 Cyberpunk billboard on grimey MDF terrain building

First place! I just love the rust treatment and the custom billboard Peter made for the Easy Aug Shop! He won a $100 voucher for his attention to detail.

Rusty two story cyberpunk shopfront terrainWeathered five story cyberpunk capsule tower terrain

Second place - The Sirius Capsule Tower by Aaron. He won a $50 voucher!

Neo-tokyo weathered cyberpunk capsule tower roof with Infinity NinjaGraffiti on the side of a cyberpunk terrain buildingPostmodern gray and red apartment building terrainMiami themed postmodern apartment building

Third place by Hugh for the Cabbage Palms, earning him a $20 voucher for his unique work.

Infinity the game wargaming table

Infinity table also by Hugh

Neon and black cyberpunk themed two story terrain model

Neon Easy Aug shop by Alex

Grimey two story cyebrpunk shop building terrain

Easy Aug Shop by Sebastian K at Sebkminis

Neon and carbon fibre cyberpunk data centre terrainLED lit sci-fi data centre terrain

Preston has gone all out and done an amazing conversion to this kit. He used carbon fibre to clad the building, and then hollowed out the tower and lit it up! Fantastic unique work here.

Soviet themed winter urban terrain wargaming table

A great job on this thematic cold urban table by Kevin from the Loss of Lieutenant Infinity podcast. I heard it's known as 'That Soviet Table'! I think I need a snow battle mat now. The Loss of Lieutenant guys discuss Brutal Cities terrain on episode 44 too, thanks guys!

Three story black industrial terrain building

Love this very commercial shipping company aesthetic Institute kit by Simon from Ta Gueule on Joue

Orange and blue scifi data centre tower terrain

A very smooth and crisp Infinity Systems Data Centre by Alex. I love the complementary orange and blue colour scheme.

Delta One Zero miniature wargame demonstration table terrain

Delta One Zero table by Greg from Bonza Games

Sci-fi winter table terrain for wargaming

A cold looking winter table by Luke

Warhammer 40k custodes with MDF tower terrain

Infinity Systems Data Centre by Reece with some 40k bits added!

Vantann three story office building terrain

Minimalist Vantann Small Office building by Moritz!

So I hope you liked to see the great work people have done on their terrain, stay tuned for a special sale on Friday! Let us know in the comments which entry was your favourite.




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