Wild in the streets miniatures game terrain

Smashbash 2022 Competiton + Wild In The Streets Miniatures

We are  pleased to announce Brutal Cities sponsorship of the 2022 smashbash.org competition! 

Smashbash miniatures competition poster

Smash Bash is mini competition that celebrates the creative, gruesome, pathetic, and evocative side of our hobby. Entries are due by the 29th April.

Four categories to enter:

  • Napoleon Complex (Best small, individual kitbashed/sculpted mini)
  • Middle Children (Medium sized things like tanks, squads, monsters)
  • Titanic Terror (Dioramas, scenes, massive mechs etc)
  • Apprentices (for those hesitant to enter the other categories - medium sized bases - 80mm

Here was one of my favourite entries from last years by @Dark_Tech_

dark tech smash bash warhammer competitoon entry

I'll pick my fav from the new entries and send the winner the new 305 Sunshine Alley Kit! Head on over to Smashbash.org for more info. Get modelling!


Now Stocking Wild In The Streets Miniatures

Tired of painting the same high-tech power-armoured superhumans or hordes of fantasy warriors?
Need some civilians for your campaigns or want to try a new 28mm skirmish game?

Check out these sweet punks, metalheads, goths and more! This is the next best thing after being able to actually see live bands *cries*


Brutal Cities is stoked to announce we are stocking some of the awesome miniatures from Wild In The Streets by Slow Death Games.

I thought it would be cool to have some available at Cancon this year, but sadly since we didn't end up going due to Covid concerns, they are now up on the website!

wild in the streets metalhead miniature
Wild in the streets goth gang minatures

We've got a limited stock, so get in quick! The 28mm miniatures come with their stat cards, and you can find the rules here.

We used some of these great minis (That I painted so far at least) in our last photoshoot.

I’ve been using them as my HVTs in games of Infinity, when I eventually one day get a game in of Reality’s Edge I’ll for sure use them too.

Here’s a Let’s Play vid by Ash of Guerrilla Miniature Games.

Browse the Wild In the Streets miniature collection here

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