Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi Tabletop Terrain Poster Files - Brutal Cities Miniature Wargaming Terrain

Cyberpunk/Sci-Fi Tabletop Terrain Poster Files

Hey All,

I just wanted to say thanks for your support by offering these poster files for you to print and use on your wargaming terrain. The Brutal Cities launch went well and we've received good feedback. Off to a good start!

Cyberpunk/Sci-fi Tabletop Terrain Poster Files

Download the PDFs here to add some immersion to your cyberpunk, modern or sci-fi wargaming tables.

With this blog I hope to share useful hobby tips and news on Brutal Cities products. We're working on the next batch, quite excited to share them with you soon.

Remember that orders over $180 AUD in Australia get free shipping!

Infinity the game cyberpunk terrain with posters

I edited some of them from the website , they have some cool assets. You might notice some of the bands and artists on the gig posters; I made some dream future lineups.

A friend of mine who sells tea also made a couple of posters for us. They specialise in Chinese tea, so perfect for a Neo-Shanghai or Hong Kong themed terrain table.

They're best when printed by a laser printer, as they won't run if they get wet or you dirty them up. A tip from a friend is to use some fine sandpaper to thin the posters out a bit, for realism. You can use a bit of water to help speed it up. 

All the best,



ps- Check out our other blog posts in the blog such as this great concrete terrain painting tutorial!

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Thanks Patrick and Robey and Sinead!
I’ve fixed the link now, thanks for the heads up. Yeah they are good for Judge Dredd too! Even modern warfare skirmish games. We will have cheap shipping sales from time to time Robey and we will look into distributors :) Thanks for the support!

Brutal Cities

Really useful posters, I’ve linked this to some 2000AD FB groups, thanks. FYI the freepik link is going to a 404 page at the moment.

Patrick Melody

Hi, guys! Love what you’re doing here. As ever with Aus stuff, shipping to the UK is a bitch! But I’d still love to get an order in some time when I can order enough to make the shipping worth it. In the mean time, the posters are a cool thing, and I’ll spread the word.

The link you’ve posted to Freepik is busted. Thought you might like to fix it.

Robey Jenkins

Nice one mate!


Nice one mate :)


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