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Brutal Cities

Eternity Labs tournament bundle

Eternity Labs tournament bundle

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terrain scale/s: 28mm / 32mm

This value bundle allows you to build an Eternity Labs research complex quickly. This contains enough terrain for a complete table for games like Infinity. The images show a 4ft x 4ft table and 12" deployment zones.

The table packs up well into a rough box approximately 467 x 373 x 325mm.

This bundle contains:


We strongly recommend you paint these before assembly due to the thickness of paint. If you paint them first it will be easier for the modules to stack smoothly.


Product Information

Individual dimensions

Eternity Lab Module A W 186 mm x L 93 mm x H 100 mm

Eternity Lab Module B W 186mm x L 186mm x H 100mm

Eternity Lab Module C W 280mm x L 186mm x H 100mm

Planters W 131mm x L 75mm x H 25mm

Bridges W 57mm x L 28mm x H 50mm

Ladders Small 75mm between levels. Large 150mm between levels.

A/C condensers

Weight 9.01 kg

MDF terrain is supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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