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Brutal Cities

3D Augumented Reality - 28mm Wargaming Terrain Scale Helper

3D Augumented Reality - 28mm Wargaming Terrain Scale Helper

What Scale are Brutal Cities Wargaming Terrain Kits? How do they compare in size to your tabletop miniature collection?  View 3D terrain models in Augmented Reality on your phone! We are running a competition at the moment! Brutal Cities AR Terrain Giveaway You can view the scaled up AR terrain gallery here, to see these models as if they were real buildings!

Use your Iphone or Android device to view the terrain in Augumented Reality on your tabletop!

To make it easier for you to work out if Brutal Cities MDF terrain kits are suitable for your tabletop wargaming terrain collection you can click the images here to view a 3D Model of the terrain. These models were generated with Photogrammetry - they are obviously a bit bumpy and the real products are actually very clean and detailed!

Iphone AR model Instructions -

Please use Safari to view these 3d models to enable AR mode - Click view in space.

Android AR model Instructions -

Clicking the 3d models will open the google app to view these 3d models and give you the view in space AR option.

3D Model Accuracy & Wargaming Terrain Scales

The general dimensional accuracy of these 3d models is + or - 1cm - I have tested them and rescaled as close as I could get to the actual models. Please also refer to the provided dimensions in each product page if you need more accuracy.

Brutal Cities terrain kits are typically suitable for 28mm, 32mm and 35mm scales. - and of course, anything in between.

MDF Terrain kits are supplied unassembled and unpainted.



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