Collection: Fadelight Terrain Range

The Fadelight terrain range - Plastic and MDF 28mm Sci-fi wargaming terrain. The range features a mix of MDF and translucent plastic tabletop terrain - meaning it's lighter, durable and easy to get painted and onto the table. Perfect for cyberpunk tables and sci-fi & modern wargaming.
night themed 28mm sci-fi wargaming table terrain

Shortlisted as Best Terrain - 2022

The Fadelight Sci-Fi terrain kits were shortlisted as best terrain 2022 by On Table Top! Read about the Fadelight terrain design in the blog post here

Read about the Fadelight Terrain modules

28mm Sci-fi Terrain - that doesn't look like every other 1980's film trope*

* Don't get me wrong, octagonal chamfered doors and detailing is fine but... I can't see them happening sorry! Suits miniatures up to 35mm scale.