brutal cities kits available at moab. Large scifi building with smaller ruined mdf terrain in front

New Brutal Cities Kits at the MOAB Trade Stand

The new terrain is here! I'll be having the first Brutal Cities trade stand this year at MOAB in Sydney. The event runs from the 30th of September to Monday the 2nd of October.

WHAT? MOAB (Mother of all Battles)Tabletop Games Convention

WHERE? Sylvania Heights Community & Youth Club

288 Box Rd, Sylvania NSW 2224


WHEN? September 30th - October 1st 2023 

HOW MUCH? Free to attend and to play in participation games, $ cost varies by tournament.

WHY? Come say hi and check out the new terrain and awesome hobby, second hand stalls and more! More info here at the MOAB Tabletop Games Convention Website

There's gonna be a heap of different events and wargames so I hope you can drop by. Here's a map of the event so you know where to find me!

brutal cities moab trade stand location with text: come visit us and see the new terrain at moab

Also if you do come by you can check out the new kits! Here's a pic of the Bruteopolis Plaza Tower - 6mm/15mm version. 

Even at a smaller scale to the 28mm version it's still epic. I reckon it's even more impressive because it dwarfs everything from mech walkers from Battletech to modern and cold war infantry and tanks. 

The other building you'll be able to see in person is the ruined version of the Vantann Office Building.  

ruined vantann office building brutal cities terrain

ruined scifi terrain mdf

I’ve added some nice rebar details for realism like in the modern ruins kits. The ruined kit is a great option for Warhammer 40k players and similar wargames. If you're after some other grimdark or scifi terrain then the Genesis Modules also suit the setting really well! 

So if you're wanting to have a chat with me come and check out the trade stand at MOAB and pick up some great terrain online and avoid shipping costs. Just remember to select Pickup at MOAB when you order any products.

As a little side note, I'm happy to say Brutal Cities will be sponsoring 2023 Castle Assault! It's a 2 day tourney in Newcastle Australia with 30k Horus Heresy and Epic Armageddon on the 14th and 15th of October. Make sure to sign up if you haven't already! 

Check out the online store and order some terrain for pickup at MOAB 2023.

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