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Wargaming Terrain News - Gift Cards // New Equipment // 15mm Terrain Range // Cancon // End of Year

Hi everyone, 

I hope you will get a chance for a break over the holiday period and you and your families stay safe!

Firstly, I want to say thanks everyone for your patience with the slower than ideal fulfilment over the busy sales period. Never been so busy! I can't express my gratitude enough for your support since we have launched. Every interaction with a customer has been a really great experience, and hopefully it was for you too.

Gift Cards Now Available

If you ran out of time for presents or were hesitant to go Christmas shopping with Covid circulating, we now have Brutal Cities wargaming terrain gift cards available. AND they won’t expire either! Click here to see the different options.

15mm / 1:100 Terrain Wargaming Kits Coming Next Year

Cold War 15mm Terrain

Earlier this year I started working on 15mm kits, and converting some existing designs to 15mm. Some of this upcoming range will be previewed at Cancon. The new range will feature modernist and brutalist buildings and accessories. Very suitable for games set in the 1960’s onwards to Sci-fi settings (Much like our 28mm MDF terrain range!

If you have any requests for 15mm terrain, please send an email or message us on social media! I'm looking forward to a new scale. (well, to be honest 15mm or 1/100 was the most common scale for architectural models when I was at uni, so its not exactly new to me!)

15mm Cold War Terrain Tower

The Bruteopolis Plaza Tower now in 15mm - I hope you're not sick of this kit - this will be the third version of it!

Cancon - 22-24th January, Canberra

Cancon Wargamign and Tabletop Game ConventionI’ll be taking a ‘break’ to work on new designs and to make kits and prep for Cancon. Cancon is Australia’s largest wargaming and tabletop game convention. It’s a really great and friendly event, with a bunch of tournaments. We will be sponsoring the Infinity tournament and potentially some others!

Brutal Cities will be selling our range of MDF terrain at Cancon - our first stall ever! Looking forward to meeting people and picking up some new board games too. Come say hi!

End Of Year Break - Orders Fulfilled From 2nd Jan

Any orders made until the 2nd of January 2022 will be fulfilled from the 2nd. Covid is still disrupting postal services, so orders will take longer than normal to reach you.

Thanks again and all the best,


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