We're shipping to the UK! - Brutal Cities Miniature Wargaming Terrain

We're shipping to the UK!

 Brutalist Wargaming Terrain  Shipping to UK

We're back baby!

We're happy to announce we can now resume shipping to the UK, the birthplace of Brutalism!
Thanks so much for your patience everyone.
So what does Brexit mean for our UK customers?

For all orders up to £135 Brutal Cities will collect 20% VAT for the UK Government.

For orders over £135 the recipient (ie. you) will be responsible for paying for VAT and duty, as was the case before Brexit.

So! We've got a shipping promo to celebrate and help you guys get lower shipping costs!

  • $30 (approx £15.5) flat rate shipping on orders between 8-12kg
  • $45 (approx  £23) flat rate on orders between 12-20kg 
  • Shipping is 20% off actual price for all other orders!
UK customers can now buy all our new kits and accessories that were released post-Brexit such as the gigantic modular Bruteopolis Plaza Tower, cyberpunk decals, Russian advertising signs and other accessories.

The base for the Bruteopolis Plaza Tower has been specifically designed as an Infinity objective room.
It provides cover during street battles with it’s classic brutalist blade columns.
It's a functional kit with playable interiors suitable for many game systems


You can use it to represent a tower block in the Judge Dredd miniatures game, an Imperial city tower in Warhammer 40k, or as an office tower in modern skirmish games.

Accessories like the computer servers and office cubicles allow you to re-enact cinematic firefights over the coffee machine!

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